Favourite/Least Favourite Game Features



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    Okay FLamenco Hats is still the best :P 546 flamenco hats collected right now :P
  • NightbreezeNightbreeze Member
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    I don't like how obsolete the town center has become.
  • Da FarmerDa Farmer Member
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    Vending machines are good but takes away player interaction which makes some of the players leave because their friends are never online since they have their vends running.
  • Robot UnicornRobot Unicorn Member
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    I don't like how obsolete the town center has become.

    Same, the raffles brought life to the place but now that they’re gone it’s desolate. :c
  • JuniperJuniper Member
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    I don't like how there are so many default realms with the same name as the official realms
  • JohnYapJohnYap Member
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    My Favorites/Liked :
    - Resources are somewhat easy to obtain and craft.
    - The ability that you can edit realms or room sizes.
    - Fun and helpful community.
    - Inspires creators (like me) to make a custom adventure
    - Prices are reasonable sometimes.
    My Dislikes :
    - Game forces my device to restart sometimes. (Huawei BG2-U01)
    - Keyboard won't pop up + Keyboard emotes don't disappear once your keyboard also disappears (not a big deal)
    - Game may accidentally corrupt itself causing weird visual bugs in game. (Fixes itself though)
    - Extra item slots (beyond the red bar) won't be visible until you remove enough items.

    So it is 5:4 ratio and I still enjoy Cubic Castles. Thank you.
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