Players' Talent Event - 1,500,000c prize !

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Hello folks, it's been a while! Welcome to this new event that requires building skills, writing skills and drawing skills.

This event is divised into 3 distinct parts. Each 3 winners will get rewarded 500,000c. As simple as that. Now without further ado, let me introduce to you the 3 tasks!


Your task is to build a realm/room within a distinct theme. You choose the theme.
You'll have to comment the realm name in here alongside the theme and a picture of it you find the most descriptive of your build.

Further information :

The more details, the better. Your realm can be an old one you built, no matter. Make sure to put a tip piggy in it otherwise your entry won't count. I will be visiting every realm but the picture counts in my final judgement.
If you don't know how to upload a picture, click here


This one's for the feathers of the community. You will have to write either one of those :
• A story (1)
• An article (2)

Further information :

Bother choices must be cubic castles related. The length isn't a matter *as long as* it is qualitative.

(1) → The story is about players discoering the new deep forest mines, and the additionnal blocks in the other mines (sulfur, shells, etc...).
(2) → The article is about that update. You'll write the patch log and a blog post about it.

Don't forget about grammar and mistakes you could make and that will make it lose quality. Also, i'll give importance to the format of the article, the way both patch log and article look. Thus making that choice better to climb up the leaderboard.


You'll have to draw Qbees at the beach. Simple. :)
If you don't know how to upload a picture, click here


You have until July 27th to take part in.
For the writing and drawing ones don't forget to comment a realm of yours that contains a tip piggy so I can deliver the prize. You can participate in all 3 parts, but you can only win one.

I may ask @Galantis to help me judge them, if you're interested, hop in my DMs.

Now, good luck to everyone, and have fun!


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    Only submit one realm ?
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
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    Can be a room, just need to know the realm it is attached to.

    Edit : Oh and yes, 1 realm per player
  • The writing has to be about deep forest mines?
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    I would like to enter both the building and writing category
    My first entry is to the building category, you can find my building by looking up GCK Clockwork Gardens and Academy.

    Clock Work Gardens and Academy

    Welcome to the largest academic institution in the Coral Kingdom buried into the depths of the earth. A crown jewel of those in the pursuit of knowledge, a wide plethora of subjects are available like mathematics and woodworking. The academy boasts a large library that houses books dating back a hundred years. Students can sink into the tomes of learning to assist in their journey of knowledge. When seeking fresh air and a quiet respite the lush gardens provide an escape from the daily grind of studying. The theme that inspired me was learning, education is very important and can make a person better under the people around them, them self, and the world. I wanted a tribute to what I have learned as a builder and manifest it into a creation that reflected the desire for higher education.

    Writing Category
    The Day Of Discovery

    It was a sunny day with rays of light dancing across the palace courtyard where Grey the Coral King sat sipping a cold glass of lemon water. His eyes scanned over the news paper that lay unfurled in his other hand. There had been no interesting news for awhile, no news was good news he guessed. A knock came from the other side of the doors that lead to the courtyard. Grey raised his eyes up from the paper and said "Come in". A squire in pale blue garb walked in his eyes bright with excitement. He spoke "Sir! There is reports of a new biome that is alien to what we have seen previously. Not only that reports of new materials have appeared in the existing mines!". Grey put down his newspaper and leaned forward in his chair with keen interest. Grey spoke "Where can this new mine be found and what new materials can be found along with where they are being reported to be seen?" The squire was ready to answer with a pause to breathe he began speaking fast, "The new mine is being referred to as the deep forest mine and can be found randomly in place of the regular forest mines. There are a lot of new mineables! Those keen on exploring are bringing new things unheard of like giant mushrooms and a new variant of grass. With the new materials reports have seen Sulphur and mineral deposits in both arctic and tropical mines. In arctic they can be found near geysers and in tropical mines they can be found on volcanoes. Seashells have been washing up ashore tropical mines as well. The squire finished with a deep breath in. "Get my horse ready! I must see this new mine, what possibilities these new materials hold." Grey said. He went to the front gates of his palace where a horse was ready. Off he rode to see the new mine and new materials that awaited his creative hand. He wanted to build and with the new things to be mined it opened up doors to new heights of creativity!

    Prize can be dropped off at GCK Clockwork Gardens
  • The writing has to be about deep forest mines?

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    Leave prize(s) in "MEEPYZ Buying Realm"


    Writing (Script)


    Greg: Hey Bob, I'm going to go collect some flowers from a forest mine, wanna come?
    Bob: Sure Greg, you know I love to explore Forest Mines
    Greg and Bob enter a forest mine in Tinkerworld
    Greg: Don't wander off too far, I'm only collecting a few flowers
    Bob: Ok!
    Bob goes deep into the Forest Mine
    Greg: Bob?
    No Response
    Greg: Bob come back, I'm done collecting flowers
    No Response
    Greg: I'm coming toward you
    Greg Wanders Deeper into the forest
    Greg: Bob, where are you I'm starting to get scared
    The scene gets darker
    Bob hears a faint voice calling out to him
    Bob: Greg?
    Bob sees a uncanny flower, glistening, as if some mystical being is inside it
    Bob: Hm?
    Bob Mines the flower, and a pixie eats him
    Greg hears Bob scream, and then silence
    Greg: B-Bob?
    Greg: Bob, I'm serious, where are you?
    ?: I'm right here
    Greg runs toward the strange voice, as he is running, he sees giant mushrooms, strange trees, and monsterous flowers
    Greg: Bob?
    A pixie pushes Greg into a thorn bush, where he perishes, the pixie eats Greg

  • Likey.Likey. Member
    Is it allowed to use skycam on your build? In building category?
  • tweeetweee Member
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    Building Contest (Located in "Twee's Build Realm")
    Realm Name: Mont Saint-Catherine
    An Abbey was created and placed on this island in order to protect the secret which lies in the middle. Over time, the secret was turned into a tale parents would tell to their children. In present times the secret is mostly forgotten, turning the island into a safe haven for all monks. The theme that inspired me was escape. An escape from life and all of its worries (turbulent waves) to a place that is safe and magical (castle and flowers).

  • Please people enter this contest so he doesn't cancel it because lack of contestants :O:.
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    Here is my entry:


    When I awakened one morning, I decided to gather up trees to sell. So, at that moment I left to fly away on a rocket to Eden to head out to possibly find a forest. After that alarmingly dangerous journey, I headed towards the local forest mine. As soon as I hopped in, everything was dark green, I panicked. The grass and trees were incredibly different, so I questioned just where I had ended up since it was nothing how the forest I knew and love looked, I wanted to run back!

    Eventually I came to grips on where I was, and went to explore the depths of this mystical, magic, mysterious forest I had ended up in. When I stretched out to a plant, I was assuming for there to be no hurt whatsoever, nevertheless it turned out that I had pricked myself on the sour looking vines. I subsequently sprinted over to the green lake to try to soothe my sore hand, although once again I was mistaken, it was thick and revolting slime. The exit door was just in sight, so I dashed towards it with all the pace I had. Just after I had abandoned the forest, I chose to retreat in the wonderful warm waters of the tropical air.

    As I strode into the tropical mine, I witnessed this insignificant, round, bumpy item. The feeling of it felt delightful, it was as smooth as silk! As I ventured to the erupting volcano to find out what was unfolding, I came across a peculiar yellow rock. Adjacent to it I saw strange shards that resembled hundreds of thousands of scattered mineral rocks. When I had gathered a few of each item and left the mine, I headed toward the Eden Rocket. As I raced back towards my homeland tinker world, the thought about the new items I had uncovered overtook all other thoughts, I genuinely felt as if I wanted to return, although I managed to convince myself otherwise when I reminisced of the horrific jungle memories.


    Realm name: UK Beach Scene
    Description: This realm is a build that is inspired from a typical UK Beach Scene. It is exactly what you would expect from a beach in most parts of the UK, but with Qbees roaming around in the beautiful sunshine with waves ever so peaceful.


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    time to start drawing
    *Bub* said:

    time to start drawing

    now I cant win by default :(
  • Sir GideonSir Gideon Member
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    Here's my writing prompt, kinda long so I have to put it on a Google doc. Hope y'all like the story :)

    Btw, my realm name is The Oakwood Shop
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    I spent days writing and illustrating this story. I hope you like it!

    The Goddess of Cubic Thunder gave a quest to two children. With the challenges they will face, and with the help of Cubic Castles updates, will they be able to complete it?

    Forums said that it's too long, so I put it inside a document. Have Fun reading!

    Ride the waves under the sun! 🌊🏄‍♂️

    I played with styles and angles.

    If you can't see the photo clearly, here's a link to this drawing that I posted in CC Community Server.

    Realm Name: Dane's Workshop
  • Here's my drawing entry:

    Realm name: TurtleShadow's Realm
  • OkanaaOkanaa Member

    Here's my drawing entry:

    Realm name: TurtleShadow's Realm
    This drawing is so cute!
    Now I can't win by default >:(
  • MEEPYZ said:

    Now I can't win by default >:(

    F For Meepyz Easywork :)
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    I hurried up with this... didnt turn out exactly what i expected but ok
    Realm name: Iron Aquarium

    Nothing much but i'll post it here anyway. Its a room in Iron Aquarium but its kinda hard to find

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    This is my entry for the Drawing Category :D

  • PunpudlePunpudle Member
    My Realm Name is Gumi's Collection
  • Likey.Likey. Member
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    Category: Building
    Theme and Realm Name: It’s Bikini Bottom!! ( Summer or Cartoon show)

    So we all knew bikini bottom XD there’s a reason why i did this because it’s my all time
    Favourite cartoon tv show since when i was a child. There’s so many memories while i’m building this. My friends were there hanging out with me and helping me too.Also i couldnt put more buildings like Glove world coz it doesnt gonna fit in 100x100 that’s sad.. (P.s.) this may be not good skycam but try enter the realm for better view xD
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    Noice :D

  • hello there :D my realm name is
    Black cat b c
  • AnguishireAnguishire Member
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    Cloud Nine

    Category : Building
    Realm name : Cloud Nine
    Theme : Abstract

    The largest storage and workshop I've ever made. I decided to see where my brain would take me with this build, hence the abstract theme. The shapes can sometimes be random and unusual but that's exactly what makes this build special :D!

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    Build category entry:Rubber Shrine (farm)
    How to get in:Search Kitty Empire-Cosmic Farm (Deco) , then go to a portal written 'Rubber'

    Amount collected rubber:Above 90000 (Yes, I collected them in months) . The farm below the Shrine was a godsend from Rubber divinity to provide good use of rubber .

    Description:Inspired by Japanese build style , A little twist of fantasy worshipping Rubber divinity :3 . Bamboo garden for the classical elegance of eastern garden . Teahouse for people relax and meditating :v

  • Y'all the builds :O
  • ItsDaneItsDane Member
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    All the builds are 🔥
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