Pickle story



  • Something new appeared
  • A talking egg wielding a spear while riding a fish
  • came to the rescue to save all the prisoners
  • that ate e g
  • Potato cop tried to stop them.
  • But it was too late. The talking egg was all too powerful. It consumed all the potatoes
  • I ded
  • The whole prison gang commited a big bank heist
  • And then when the police showed up once more, the pickle gang drove recklessly through the Lobby, once a while hitting curbs. They stopped when they reached Cubic Town Center, and, looking left and right, they cautiously entered the town center, only to find themselves cornered by the potato cops armed and ready. But the pickles were taught kung fu, so they easily tackled all the potato cops, and they left again, this time heading towards Farmer's Co-op. But then, when they went to the co-op, a qbee picked them all up, and sold them to the farmer there for 10k recubes, and then
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    Then the Qbee used the recubes to buy a new pickle
  • And then the pickle grew up with his owner. They were happy, until the pickle realized, that his owner used the pickles to buy a pickle. It was sheer pickle abuse! He ran away from his owner, crying miserably. He ran through mountains and rivers, hills and plains, forests and deserts, until he stopped and entered the Cubic Learning Center. He curled up on the little cauldron on the 'tools' part of the learning center, still feeling miserable. He didn't know where he should go. He was curled up in the cauldron for days, and his only visitors were insects buzzing around him.
    One day, he saw two more qbees crossing that part, looking for the cauldron recipe. He gulped, and he tried to slip away, but he realized, he couldn't move. He tried to jump off, but he realized, in horror, that he has... roots! he is growing into a pickle tree! His roots were deeply lodged into the little cracks of the old cauldron, and he couldn't escape. He heard voices. The qbees had approached him. They said,
  • There is the cauldron recipe! They read it and left.
  • and a pickle with wings came
  • And ate another pickle
  • Who started to scream
  • and shout
  • and let it all out 🎶
  • What have I created
  • AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
  • but someone.. stopped that pickeliefkdjkj from screaming! It was..
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    The Baleful Box! It glared at the pickle with its red glowing eye full of malice
  • What the Baleful Box did was unexpected...
  • he rickrolled everyone!
  • (this story saga not gonna end)
  • So the pickle stopped screaming. Then he said:
  • The Baleful box was intimidated by what the pickle had said, so he yeeted away
  • towards the new overworld
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    *pickle going from portal*
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