Pickle story

I think we all know the iconic wall post is going to be deleted. To prepare ourselves for this, I made this post. We got to keep this story alive!

Do we start over or do we continue? I'll leave it up to you guys.


  • pls not again
  • no thanks
  • This way you guys won't be bothered. Let us have some fun please
  • Here it all goes :3

    Once upon a time there was a ... Pickle :]
    And that pickle was Pickles 2001. He then decided to go to Eden And stayed at Cubic Town Center afk-ly ever after then die.. The End.
    But was it?
    then SUDDENLY out of nowhere, another pickle appeared. Her name was Sandra. Again out of nowhere Sandra teleported to Night_Wing and got eaten by Teressa green. And Teressa got pregnant for no reason. She gave birth to a pickle, And that pickle grew up to be the new pickles2001. And the new pickles2001 gets eaten by another Teressa green. Then something unimaginable happened. A gentleman came by and said to Teressa, 'You, are ugly.'
    So she screamed. She summoned a pickle by screaming.
    And the gentleman come and use it as an oportunity for:
    Social distancing. From the ugly Teressa Green. But then another pickle came and the mad pickle said: "Behold world of Cubic Castles, I come to conquer your World and succumb it into my eternal rule! Bow before ME!!!!!"
    Teressa just stared At Night_Wing the lone knight and begged for the mad pickle to come out. But then the mad pickle rolled its way to The Lobby and stood there afk for 10 hours. "and back!" said the Pickle to the noob who said "rares pls."
    To which the noob replied:"Im am mod will report you scammer !!!!" to the Pickle.
    *****"friend with mod" *****
    Then they all blew up.
    THE END :3
    Something unexpected happened!!! the pickles turned into potatoes, and they were turned into fries. Then got eaten and pooped out by a pickle. And then they mutated into carrots. The carrots walked thousands of miles to meet pickle called 'Carrot', who ate them.
    And those vegetables learned why social distancing is important, But they didn't care and ate each other.
    The END.
    Of the pickle race. And the start of another civilization.
    The mad pickle earlier went out to find spidermam and create an army of pickles from the multiverse. He shall return.
    To be continued...Never...
    But then a story was written one day by an elder pickle (Which was actually Teressa Green). it was in a diary, placed in one of her elderly dressers which stank of old underwear. And suddenly the diary got stolen by a banana, and the banana ate the diary. THE END.
    Of the diary. So they wrote a new one, and burnt it, and from the ashes, rose up a carbon monoxide poison which killed all pickles. The real ending, will never be found. Because pickles still cease to exist to this day. The hustle bustle continues in his miserable not ending life. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, The banana who ate the old diary came to eat pickle because he was hungry for the story to end, AND IT DID!

    THE END.

    Credits - Cubic Castle Forum Community
    *End credits scene appears*
    and then it turned into a pickle!
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    Then a pickle pressed the "Skip this Ad" button. But there was another ad:
    ' Stopping this chain had been sponsored by raid shadow legends. Get 10% off by using the code; stopthischain.'
    "but-" protested the pickle, but there was another ad.
    'This posts is sponsored too. Be the first one to use the link in the description, and end this tonight. (No refunds)'
    The carbon monoxide came again and became undead and the undead became various types on pickles. And they all lived happily ever after...

    The End!

    Credits - Tumbleweed, [BN], pickles2001, ExCelcius, Yakroo, Lopaiko, IronFish, Naughty Elf, Night_Wing, HONEY BOMB, Joey Tribbiani, Tyndale, qbee vampire, Sebz!, Blasphemous, darkpq, DoodleDog, Turtleshadow, Ms.kawai mop, Alex William01, MEEPYZ, Fluffy 303, Goldbuster, Becks0920, Crimzo, Azsimuth, Sachi-San and 'Dragi'

    (also that lazy guy -username- who wrote this lmao)
    "im famous!"Said the pickle.
    "Stop it, get some help, delete the chain." Said pickle haters.
    " You can’t stop the inevitable>" Said the pickle, laughing manically.
    "Delete this, i will not allow this to be the next JackFury post!"
    But the pickle continued-
    "No he did not. This story has ended. It has died as it was inevitable."
    "NEVAHH!!!!" Said the pickle lovers. "well not until Tumbleweed steps in lol."
    So the pickle talked some more. He talked forever and for eternity, Until he Tried TikTok. and he danced with shaking his butt and he had to uninstall it right away because he had learned the true truth of the world: tiktok sucks Then he downloaded instagram and his account got taken down because of troll reporters (and instagram’s bad support system)
    "I feel bad because i started this." said the pickle.
    "Oh." Said the others.
    Then he bought a computer and gave his realm perm to a guy callled Stopthie. He kikc the óvner end hi nyukd it. The END of the story.
    The story of his realm. Then the pickle bought a new realm then nuked with potato then they built a statue of a tomato together on the now empty realm, and ate it. then they went and met this person named tyndale. The end
    "please stop" Said the pickle haters.
    "Stop it, get some help!"
    "Pls delete," said the tomato to the pickle. " and try TikTok again." He says,
    "Dont uninstall the app. Remember this."
    "Stop it!"
    "but why ??"
    Suddenley, this popped up:
    THE END.
    Then the credits got in again.
    Credits - (in order of first appearance) Tumbleweed, [BN], pickles2001, ExCelcius, Yakroo, Lopaiko, IronFish, Naughty Elf, Night_Wing, HONEY BOMB, Joey Tribbiani, Tyndale, qbee vampire, Sebz!, Blasphemous, darkpq, DoodleDog, Turtleshadow, Ms.kawai mop, Alex William01, MEEPYZ, Fluffy 303, Goldbuster, Becks0920, Crimzo, Azsimuth, Sachi-San, 'Dragi', EnkiSmiles, IcyTamTam, AJ Baryza and LitZ

    (also -username- but who cares about him)

    "we can stop this chain." Said the tomato.
    "no. idont think i will." Quoted the pickle from Captain America.And pickles reinstalled instagram and posted pictures of pickles.
    " Ugh here we go again. Im leaving activity posts." said an instagramer.
    'Just quit ' . said the pickle *Ooh baby give me one more chance*~ sang another pickle.
    "u guys doing this for 9 days." said a person who had been watching the whole chain.

  • You put in all that effort..why?!
  • Crimzo said:

    You put in all that effort..why?!

    ctrl c + ctrl v ;)
  • he also added and omitted some sentences


    the pickle loved his story
  • He passed the story to his grandchildren
  • And they told it to their grandchildren
  • TurtleShadowTurtleShadow Member
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    But their grandchildren hated it

    And so do I

  • -username--username- Member
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    Edited =)
  • said the pickle
  • So the banana got angry
  • And contacted Uncle Sackboy
  • Sackboy then went to
  • -username--username- Member
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    I edited this comment so it makes no sense =)
  • TurtleShadowTurtleShadow Member
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    but he failed, and got banned for trying to end the story

    End the story. The end.

  • so he started to meet apples
  • and then the apples play tiktok
  • to kill pickles
  • so they hid and met Ironfish at the Cubic town center
  • Ironfish asked the pickle:
  • "Why are you afk all the time?"
  • The pickle replied solemnly:
  • Im always working! So much assigments!
  • In which he also said “I also like to listen to music while being afk”
  • "And read my Manga"
  • Ironfish replied:
  • "Being afk outside its d-dangerous! You should stay s-safe at home.."
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    Pickle felt like she was being silly, what in the world could happen anyway?
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