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Please turn these items into face accesories so we can pair them with any hat. so far the executioner's hood is the only accessory that covers the entire head and can be worn with a hat. Most of these are mask so it makes total sense and besides they cover whatever face accessory you have equipped so it's kind of a waste of space. I specifically picked these because they're the same size of a qbee's head. I feel like this change should be easy? if it's not possible please let me know.

-Zombie Mask
-Gas Mask
-Ice head
-Sub Vampire
-Mummy Mask
-Spider head
-Clown Mask
-Dark Traveller's head


  • Personally, I think that mixing hats would cause confusion.
  • +1 yessss! it would give us more options customizing our outfits which would be fun :)
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    Glad I'm not the only one.

    Personally, I think that mixing hats would cause confusion.

    I think it already did? I mean it doesn't acually tell you where this or that hat goes in your outfit slots, unless you try them yourself or ask someone else about the item. I'm just confused why these were not face accessories in the first place. These items except the zombie head came out after the Dungeon Pack, the exe is very popular and you think they would release something similar to it. I've been offered multiple times to trade my exe for their dark traveller's head. I asked them why and most of them told me it's because they can't wear a hat on top of it. They thought they were the same.

    A lot of games make minor changes like this and people will eventually adapt to that change. Like @brandonxflame said, this will give us more customizing options which would be a lot of fun, which was my intent. I rarely see these items worn by players and I think we can all agree it's because they can't wear their favorite hat with it.

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  • Eyepatch-Skull mask
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