Suggestion Page PT.8! HALLOWEEN ITEMS!

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Hi guys :) haven’t done these in ages. Here’s another suggestion Page! The colouring was a bit rushed because I have tons of homework to do but I really wanted to suggest these lol (they probably already finished the Halloween pack, but worth the try :P)

Here it is! Clothing, blocks, decos..

List of the suggestions if the picture is blurry for you :)

Mad Man Mask - makes text go red
Ninja Mask Costume (dyeable for first one, dyeable with 2 dyes for second one)
Dracula’s Cape
Serpent Scarf
Mechanical Eye Patch (red/blue)
Medusa Mask
Talking Skull Deco (animated)
Hands of Death (animated)
Blood Block
Poisonous Block -drips from above! -harmful
Creaky Wood -makes creaking noise (Idea: I forgot)
Blinking lights OR Option to turn street lights into blinking lights
A Batty Night (environment stamp)
Genie Zilla-GIVES EVIL GENIE MASK OR THIS(see picture)
Reaper’s Hood
Badly Injured Mask
Creepy Doll Deco (Idea: I forgot who)
Poisonous Mushroom -harmful
Blood Stain Glass
Skull Set
Haunted Tree Trunks

Comment down your opinions below :) I appreciate feedback!

Edit: you can adjust the frequency of the blinks for blinking lights so it doesn’t kill people’s eyes lol


  • AtheisntAtheisnt Member
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    I couldn't agree more, i love both of your ideas and drawing!
  • llBIMBYllllBIMBYll Member
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    Omg lol this is Osome
  • [InSstep][InSstep] Member
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    amazing idea :o
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
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    Wawewo i want dracula capes! Mechanical eyepatch, reaper hoodand skull set! +666
  • ShaantiShaanti Member
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    Nice drawings! Good suggestions. I like the deco items especially "hands of death".
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Yesss! +999
  • Naughty EIfNaughty EIf Member
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    I really like this suggestion it is very impressive
  • By SmileyBy Smiley Member
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    +10000000 :3
  •   Ed  Ed Game Moderator
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    These are so good +1
  • Professional KillerProfessional Killer GreeceForum Moderator, Retired Moderator
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    Amazing as usual, Tam. Keep it up!
  • IcyTamTamIcyTamTam Member
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    Thanks y’all for the positive feedback :)
  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
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    +1 for all, especially for the serpent scarf! :0
  • 3.45 Karma
    Wow love all the cool drawings! You are a good drawer. I like the new ideas of clothes. +1
  • IcyTamTamIcyTamTam Member
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    Thanks :)
    127.95 Karma
    Sorry for bumping this over-outaded thread , it has some pretty looking things i love @SirKewberth
  • PunpudlePunpudle Member
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    my favourites!!!!
  • DaFrenchyDaFrenchy Member
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    The ideas are great as usual buddy. Good job!
  • FelionixFelionix Member
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    Also not sure bout the "Badly Injured Mask" Since CC has alot of kids playing the game
    127.95 Karma

    Also not sure bout the "Badly Injured Mask" Since CC has alot of kids playing the game

    There's someone idea with no fun on Halloween , only creepy (I ain't gonna to say whose)
  • 25.25 Karma

    Also not sure bout the "Badly Injured Mask" Since CC has alot of kids playing the game

    Since I also mentioned it in my thread, the badly injured mask may not sound really nice on the first hunch, but we already do have a Headless which literally spreads Qbee blood out of it's neck.
  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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    I really like everything I see here. +1 for sure!
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    This thread deserves bump ;)

  • YakrooYakroo Somewhere In The Milky WayMember
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    Well theyre gonna add Skull Set and Medusa Hair(?) in the next Halloween Pack.
    Dracula cape check!
    Badly injured mask is like headless i guess?
  • B L A N KB L A N K Member
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    I like the idea of creaky floors, I was actually going to suggest it a while ago but then got to thinking. If someone were to make a realm out of creaky floors or just have a lot in general it might get REALLY annoying or laggy. Imagine if you have like 15-20 people in a room all walking on creaky floors. I feel like more people would need to mute their game which would make the creaky floors kinda pointless. Those are just my thoughts tho. Otherwise I like the rest of your suggestions.
  • Ms.kawai mopMs.kawai mop Member
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    This thread deserves bump ;)

    You only circle Blame Horus XD
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