Suggestion Page PT.8! HALLOWEEN ITEMS!

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Hi guys :) haven’t done these in ages. Here’s another suggestion Page! The colouring was a bit rushed because I have tons of homework to do but I really wanted to suggest these lol (they probably already finished the Halloween pack, but worth the try :P)

Here it is! Clothing, blocks, decos..

List of the suggestions if the picture is blurry for you :)

Mad Man Mask - makes text go red
Ninja Mask Costume (dyeable for first one, dyeable with 2 dyes for second one)
Dracula’s Cape
Serpent Scarf
Mechanical Eye Patch (red/blue)
Medusa Mask
Talking Skull Deco (animated)
Hands of Death (animated)
Blood Block
Poisonous Block -drips from above! -harmful
Creaky Wood -makes creaking noise (Idea: I forgot)
Blinking lights OR Option to turn street lights into blinking lights
A Batty Night (environment stamp)
Genie Zilla-GIVES EVIL GENIE MASK OR THIS(see picture)
Reaper’s Hood
Badly Injured Mask
Creepy Doll Deco (Idea: I forgot who)
Poisonous Mushroom -harmful
Blood Stain Glass
Skull Set
Haunted Tree Trunks

Comment down your opinions below :) I appreciate feedback!

Edit: you can adjust the frequency of the blinks for blinking lights so it doesn’t kill people’s eyes lol


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