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Things haven't gone well for my big step onto the forums, so I decided to vote to see if people like me as a cheery type, or just like a dull person who rarely puts much things like memes or stuff like that. So just vote the poll and let me know why you vote what.

P. S. I don't want any rants.


  • why won't the poll pop up...
  • Reaper BearReaper Bear USAMember
    not a rant just an observation, im assuming based on your post and poll that this is what you mean:
    cheery type = MEH, just stay how you are
    dull person who rarely puts much things like memes or stuff like that = Very mature

    also being mature doesn't mean you're dull

    how about being both cheery and mature

    and based on what i've seen from people's responses to your activity, maybe just revisit the forum rules thread
  • I really want to quit now or at least not post on the forums.
  • Reaper BearReaper Bear USAMember
    No one is trying to be rude or anything some of us are simply trying to help you learn more about how to use the forums properly, for example a simple message to someone can be done via the activity walls or even a direct message, where as if you want to start a discussion for all to get opinions etc or selling/buying and so on can be done via a new thread
  • LateComLateCom Member
    don’t be a charlatan.
  • What he said ^
    Oh and if you want to continue redboat daily, keep it in one thread instead of making an army of threads
  • If i did it in one thread there would be no point in the daily part.
  • Ooooof just put the date with every post or something GEEZ
  • Why does everyone have to be so mean
  • I admit maybe that comment would have been fine with out the geez but the rest was trying to tell you about what ur doing wrong. Carry on like this making a disscusion every 2mins and then ppl WILL be rude
  • redboat said:

    If i did it in one thread there would be no point in the daily part.

    Just bump the thread and keep changing the title duh
  • LateComLateCom Member
    and if you did make various discussions... maybe you wouldnt belong here in a few days / weeks.
  • Exactly
  • Yeah
  • I'm not gonna post anymore. Sorry but the forums are just too much for me.
  • It's not the forums it's just you.if you read the rules and try to follow them, you will be fine
  • if i want to leave i can
  • Sure I'm not stopping you.
  • SarcoSarco Member
    sdgamez3 said:

    It's not the forums it's just you.if you read the rules and try to follow them, you will be fine

  • TumbleweedTumbleweed Member
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    Everyone is being so mean to Redboat! Just stop!

    I'd like to see you say all this if you were in person. Redboat, stay as you are as happy & cheery, because that's you and it's never good to change how you are! :D Just be yourself!

    Also, multiposting isn't a thing anymore. If YOU actually read the rules you'd notice. So don't blame Redboat for not reading the rules when YOU actually did not read the rules.
    It says, and I quote:

    Do not spam or make large quantities of discussion/activity comments in a row. We won't punish you for accidentally multi-posting, or answering two questions in separate comments, but always try to keep it at a sensible level.
    Sorry about that Redboat! We can be friends on CC if you want! :P
  • LateComLateCom Member
    Exactly. He did just that. Daily discussions on topics that could be compressed into one entire discussion, and various other things that could be put in the activity section but placed under discussions. We need more cleansing here on discussions tab... move your activities to activity tab...
  • Thank you so much TumbleWeed! I thank you for understanding! I thought I was stuck in a situation I couldn't get out of :D see what I mean peeps?
  • LateComLateCom Member
    no. dont see anything unless you change your ways.
  • PartyParty Member
    Be both, be mature and happy and nice. Nothing with being both.
  • LateCom just stop yeah?
  • it's not about the rules..
    i open forums and all i see is your discussions ;-;
    just make 1 discussion and keep bumping it for ur daily
    people want to see other discussions and their discussions too.. sooo, it would be good if you just do it in 1 discussion :)
  • TacticalthTacticalth Member
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    RedBoat, it happened to me too :). I got over it. Guys, stop this. You wouldn't like to get bullied, would you? Red, i have seen your threads about RBD and i really liked them. I thought of starting a BND too with your permission. Red, i hope everyone stops to annoy you, or else their gonna have a bad TOOOOMMMM!!!?!?!

    OKAY, wanna add me in cc?
  • Yeah sure! RedBoat Daily is an inspiration to others, so feel free to make your own! :D
  • i hv no problem with redboat but please stop making an army of discussions for reasons fake snake pointed out and also use the activity wall. And theres no reason to leave the forums this place was made for ppl to talk bout cc but just dont hide other disscusions k?
  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 Member
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    for once in my life i'm agreeing with late
    you just make too many pointless discussions.Oh and also if you go and check your old discussions, no one told you to be mature or whatever. all we said is that try to keep stuff about the same topic in one discussion, dont multipost, and dont try to take over the recent discussions. that's all.its not my fault that you got all whiny baby about it. oh and btw i only asked you about what was the purpose of "redboat daily" and you replied with
    redboat said:

    sdgamez3 good point on RedBoat Daily, could shut it down completely as nobody comments on these

    im sure you are a nice person and you just want to have fun, but i think it wouldn't hurt you to heed other peoples advice
    i'm sorry if i sound mean though
    (whew, longest comment i've ever wrote)

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