Do-Over plan + Poll



  • sir. redboatsir. redboat Member
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    You're sorry? You really are?

    you don't sound like it but ok

    Anyway, I'm sorry if I violated "your" cubic rules...
  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 Member
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    wow, you really like annoying people dont you?
    i tried to end this and you responded like i was some snobbish perfectionist
  • sir. redboatsir. redboat Member
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    You like annoying people as well.
    A person has told me that.
    That means people see you annoying.
    I'm just gonna end this ONCE and for ALL now.
    So the deal is, just shut up and don't post on ANY of my discussions anymore, and then what's done is done.
    God, never done something so simple.

  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 Member
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    the person is my brother who likes to get under my skin.
    but why are you being so weird? i tried to end this. i even said im sure you are not mean, but you just dont understand do you?
    i think we might just have a new sir. beckley right here
    (no offence to sir. beckley, he is a great person and ACTUALLY LEARNED HIS LESSON)
    unlike you
    good day :)
  • Ndplayz2468Ndplayz2468 Member
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    pssh look whos taling about being a good person and stuuf
  • sir. redboatsir. redboat Member
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    Good day to you to I guess. Well we ended it eventually, we all learned our lesson and hey, some stupid things we ALL did along the way. But hey, we made it.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to interact with you more in the future.

    But for now,

    Good day :)
  • Hideous DemonHideous Demon Member
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