Need Computer Buying Help

Thanks to Will I now have direction but I need help narrowing down. I need a person who understands computers to aid me :O:! My list of requirements-

1.Computer is less than $300, preferably at the $200 or lower mark. Refurbishes are fine.

2. Upgrading computer components like adding a better graphics card is also fine as I have the knowledge to do this!

3. Preferably it is not one the compact cases and is a standard sized chassis to allow for easier upgrading

What I need help with is a person that can say this is a good purchase, this computer would run better, and increase my computer knowledge by explaining things to me like what is the difference between said computers.

There are several links I am going to provide the first link is the one Will provided and is the pool of potential computer candidates.,p_36:2421880011

The computer that I am thinking about is

Contrasting suggestions are welcomed.

Just as a disclaimer I am not looking for a super computer, these computers are going to be five hundred times better than my current laptop and a substantial upgrade which is what is important. If I get a computer that is 200 or less there is a high likely hood that I will be able to get it now because I will be able to afford it right away vs. say purchasing a 500 dollar computer. Thanks for reading all this :)!


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