Help! I have a problem with my game...

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Sometimes when I open the game it starts from downloading new content and counts me as that I just started,
What shall I do?

Please help moderators...

Edit: my device is iOS 9


  • Anyone? Please help this bug happened 2 times today...
  • Can you elaborate more?
  • ^I can elaborate
    Yes I have this problem on ios too

    Obviously if you are on a mobile device when you play cubic castles, you start by clicking the CC icon. But every once in awhile, the game says "downloading new content" even though there actually is no new content. When it is finally done downloading the game logs you out as if you just started the game. Like the name slot says Kewb Cupine_93848 or something like that and you have to re-login. So the problem is that the game acts as if you just installed it and resets everything.(and you also have to go through the process of getting unlocked camera again.)
  • Oh I see. Delete some unwanted apps try to free some spaces on Phone Storage or SD card (Depends on where you putted the files of Cubic Castle) Then click clear data and cache. I hope it helps.
  • It's fixed thx
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