• fishstepfishstep Member
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    Is fishstep the next movement in dance, right after dubstep O_O!?

  • PimyddPimydd Member
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    Has really almost no one noticed that till now!?!? like really everyone needs to look at the beautiful art style of the game
    much more...
  • JAXsepticeyeJAXsepticeye Member
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    It's just like how everyone thought Looney tunes was spelled looney toons >:O
  • QuackersQuackers Member
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    I always thought they moved I always thought I was crazy 0-0 clouds confirmed moving i can now stop telling myself im crazy.
  • PiousPious Member
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    They don't move on my PC, but do on my phone. Unsure why. Either way, no biggie.
  • MarioMario2.0MarioMario2.0 Member
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    I see them move on the starting on the game
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    Thank you Pious, it proves that then they can move and have not moved. Before the clouds never moved for me and it was not until after the christmas update they began moving. =_= My mind was just blown by the fact that they were moving when I knew for a fact that they had not for me in the past.
  • 'Sir.Fox''Sir.Fox' Member
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    Mine only moves with jumble stacks (I think is what it's called) on
  • Ma'amMa'am Member
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    And now... I can't stop staring at it. Nice hunk
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