Crashing more than usual???

I know certain things can cause one to crash or disconnect for example: typing to fast, large realms/rooms, etc. even a bad internet connection....however this past week or so ive been crashing alot for simple things like leaving a realm, walking around, getting ready to type, even logging off it is getting annoying .-. is it possible it has something to do with the game itself and not on my end? (device is iphone 4 [ik its old lol but it works for me])


  • CortanaCortana UnknownMember, Retired Moderator
    I don't think it's your end, I've had lags since yesterday and I dc for no apparent reason pretty often ever since. Checked my wifi and it was completely fine, so I decided to ask some of my friends, they're also having the same connection issues. So I'm assuming there are some ISP issues that currently cause lag in-game.
  • ohh ok thanks :) least I know I'm not the only one
  • No you're not ;)
  • Sir. PixelSir. Pixel EnglandMember
    I have been having this for 2 days too, Right after the "Server Crash" yesterday
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