A other way to earn cubits?

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An idea that just came from a new player, I wouldn't say it's a bad idea so I'll post it here and see what others think...
So how it works.. There will be a Cubic Bank place an official place as well, where you give recube to the mannequin who speaks and it'll give you cubits (Depends on how many recube you gave)... So basically the same as converting vegetables to recube but In recube to cubits... I do not know how much 1000 recubes will be worth in cubits I think 10c.

It also has advantages although not everyone agrees with changes, so that more players begin to farm back and that new players can also earn cubits of it than just mine... Feel Free to give your opinions.

Recube to cubits or Vegetables to cubits.


  • I'm in the middle of this idea. It sounds really cool but it does have its faults... Don't get me wrong, it's a very good idea. I think people want this but sort of with items. Maybe there could be another currency that you have to work to get and you redeem it at the Cubic Bank.
  • SPY C.SPY C. Member
    Good ideas me too was thinked it
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
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    Earning cubits is really not hard in the least, and since this game is mostly played by 10 year olds, they don’t even understand how banks work.
    Converting recubes to cubits wouldn’t even be a bank...
  • galantisgalantis Member
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    It is not something that you really have to think about in order to implement it, A bank is just an place of where the event takes place, It can also just be in the cubic farm's co-op... It is just the same in changin your vegetables to recube...

    The "main point" of this suggestion is to change recubes to cubits or vegetables to cubits, How and what I leave it to the developers.
  • i think we need more ways to earn c so i say yes to this , but i think you could go a little higher with converting
  • darkpqdarkpq Member
    1+; i said someting like this in the past BUT it sucked...BUT your idea is way better :3
  • 100k recubes for 1.5k cubits is good
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