Modern Clothing :P

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Hi..! I want to suggest these for cubic castles because i am kinda bored with the clothing and i wanna add more! :D I hope even one of these will be added to Cubic Castles...I'm gonna be happy if these will be added

Shoes i really wanted shoes for cubic castles. It would be more stylish and more lively. Add a new shoe slot for the shoes. Boots, sneakers, school shoes, doll shoes, slippers, heels and etc.

Off Shoulder Top

Ok i want this top :> I really thought of this when i was finding for my new outfit.

Tube Top

This is a sleeveless and off shoulder top. Like off shouulder but no sleeves

Baggy Pants

Baggy:00 Is this modern? Eh? I don't know.


Add shorts because, why not? I always see pants tho.

Egg Costume! :0

Its like slyme costume..but EGG :D

Hope these will be added in cubic castles!! Mwah mwah! :3 Yeet! Can't wait xD


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