I think we need more farming animals.

Should we add goats as a farming animal? They could be used to produce milk, or qbees should be able to "craft" cheese with milk, an oven, etc.


  • BlockyAndrewBlockyAndrew Member
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    Any Suggestion?
  • LopaikoLopaiko Member
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    they should add snake on cc.. who know.. could be used on pakour or maze
  • BlockyAndrewBlockyAndrew Member
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    Ur right, or even birds as a pet
  • Alvin AdlerAlvin Adler Member
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    Sheep, gives wool
    Wool craftable, wool clothing
  • CubicPencilCubicPencil Member
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    This is how it should go... dairy cows give milk, other cows take longer to grow, but when they are done growing, you can resell it to the rancher or the farmer.
  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    I just want the pigs to give bacon...
  • Mr.KaikyMr.Kaiky Member
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    a cow to give milk for example, which we could use to make a cake, also using chicken eggs and other items ...
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