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Anybody heard of Cubic's Gameshow? I host a gameshow every few days... the time space in between each is determined by the prizes i have and if i have hollas or not. A gameshow has 3 games and 1 always allows EVERYONE to play! I want to know what kind of special minigames should be played. If you name a good minigame I could use, you get to be in it if you are at the show! So what kind of minigames should I have that fit into one of these catagories....
  1. 2 teams facing off
  2. Everyone plays
  3. 1v1
  4. 3-5 People (no teams)
Edit: if your game idea ends up on a show, you will receive a 100c gift!


  • Any suggestions?
  • So sorry about game show 3! It was a disappointment. Basket ball failed because the balls kept flying out of the arena lol. I will do a redo of game show 3
  • I also want to know what kind of "Additions" i could have, just like BOOM addition
  • Team quiz game???
    I dunno xd
  • KodrakKodrak Member
    Gameshow this is awsome ! You can make every weekend
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    Kodrak said:

    Gameshow this is awsome ! You can make every weekend

    Good idea kodrak, but I am not online on saturdays. I did a game show on Sunday once but hardly anybody came
    t e d y said:

    Team quiz game???
    I dunno xd

    Also, good idea! My next game show may not be until next Tuesday so stay tuned then from I think 11 o clock cc time.
  • bump! stay tuned for my gameshow with big prizes! (Big addition)
  • I got a minigame! It's quite long though.
    It's called FNAF 2. XD
    But jokes aside,in FNAF 2,there is two people and a team. Two people are the nightguards and one team are the animaQBees (animatronics). The aim of the game is simple. The animaQBees have to try and get the nightguards and 'jumpscare' them. However,the nightguards have to make sure the animaQBees don't come in. There will be lots of rooms so it would be recommended to use doors to teleport to a place with plain glass underneath for a 'camera'. It would play like the normal FNAF 2 game. There are also four main rooms. These consist of: The Music Room,the LEFT vent,the RIGHT vent and the Office.
    The Music Room would have a note block for when a animaQBee comes (mostly likely the Marionette),one of the nightguards will jump on a note block then when,the nightguard does that when the animaQBee is on screen,the animaQBee goes away for a while. The left and right vents are there for the animaQBees to crawl inside the office. However,the nightguard can avoid getting jumpscared by saying,''Close ______ vent!'' In the office (which is also a main room),an animaQBee (Foxy) will come in front of the nightguard's view and jumpscare him. When you see him in the camera going near the office,say,''FLASH!'' as if you're flashing the flashlight in his eyes. After that,Foxy will go away.
    These are the characters:
    Balloon QBee (will stop you from stopping Foxy by 'stealing your batteries' while on sight,unless of course,you close the LEFT vent in the nightguard's left.)
    Foxy,Freddy and Mangle (jumpscares you when he/she goes in front of your view.)
    Bonnie and Toy Bonnie (will try to come and get you unless you close the RIGHT vent.
    Toy Freddy,Toy Chica and Chica (will try to come and get you unless you close the LEFT vent.)
    Marionette (will try and get you unless you jump on the note block in the Music Room.)
    Nightguards (make sure that the animaQBees don't come inside the office)

    There will be 12 players in total. (ten animaQBees and two nightguards)
  • hmmm... Sounds fun but I don't think it would be great for the gameshow. I might try to just host that game as a none gameshow, since ppl will most likely leave if they dont get picked and the rules will take a long time to explain. But that might be something i try to do!
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    i have for the 2 last coments maby we can use those red and blue blocks and you can use swiches and preasure plates because it will be a lot easyer like that AND if you actually going to do a FNAF style game count me in i will try to help i love FNAF and the searys :P
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    What about if you just do a parkour? And the first person to finish wins?
  • Good idea! Mini parkour. Be sure to get your 100c at one of my gameshows cub ;)
  • Be sure to check my other disscussion Cubic's Gameshow Time Thread so you don't miss a gameshow!
  • Cubic's Gameshow is coming back soon!!! (Cub, I will still get you your cubits)
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