Cubic's Gameshow Time Thread

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For anyone who is wondering when my next gameshow is, I will post here the specific days that I will be hosting one! This will include the type of gameshows there will be (like the type of additions). So I hope most of you find this helpful!
Please always remember that at anytime I can cancel a gameshow, since I never know what could cause a delay.
Edit: Gameshows will be hosted in seasons. Seasons will be 3 gameshows on Thursdays or Tuesdays for 3 over a period of 3 weeks. I will post here when a new season is going to take place.


  • My next gameshow will include musical chairs (thanks for the suggestion!), hide and seek (thanks for the suggestion again!), and as always, pick a block. The show will be on this Friday.
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    Gameshow 12 is planned to start from 10 to 11 o clock cc time (I may be wrong I'm not good we cc time)
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    one question (its apart from the gameshow i will try to be there) how do you manage to put dose blocks wich people can vote on? i just saw it on 2 discusions and i was interested i never seen this before in the fourms so far........o and i have an idea for a minigame how about the floor is lava?
  • They are called polls. Also, the floor is lava might be cool. Please leave suggestions in the other gameshow thread :)
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    Gameshow 13 will be hosted on Wednesday and will contain soccer (hopefully), the floor is lava, and pick a block (everyone can play) Darkpq will receive 100c after the show! (I will put 100c in your piggy at the resources corporation hq.)
  • Gameshow 13 was cancelled, due to the fact that nobody stays past the 1st game...
  • Once my shop is up and running, and I have more cubits, I wil start the gameshows back up!
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    I will start having gameshows once a week, and they are planned to all be on Wednesday.
    My next gameshow on Wednesday will kick off the new change to pick a block. From now on, all blocks will contain a wearable! (So that you dont end up with something like eggs lol)
  • Gameshow 14 (tommorrow) Is canceled, sorry! I might be able to have it on Thursday instead.
  • noooooooooooo
  • Bump, I edited the discussion; this is currently no season going on right now
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    Thanksgiving season has started! First game is today instead of thursday!
    (delayed because of internet issues)
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