A pets death.

Yesterday my pet Milly died, death is sad but im getting over it and have berried her. she is a gaint millipede. if u think thats weird than click away and dont write rude things


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    *writes rood things*

    Maam, i am sorry about your mildpiplepide, my fly pet died last summer v_v

    Hey just joking to make you laugh! I have experienced that... 3 times with hamsters.

    1. Luna- stuck her head in the bars when we weren't home
    2. Louis- My fav hamster, lived a happy LONG life with Luna, and another hamster, hamster 3, Junior, (aka Luna JR) . Louis died because he got sick- and was 3 years old- hamsters live up to 4 years.
    3. Junior was found dead inside her hamster house because she was ill too.

    Oh, my cat Markos, a 6 year old kitty that now recently left as for a female cat. Hey i'd do that too thank god he didn't die.

    My dogs:
    Bella, died because a scorpion bit her, her kids Alice, Paulos and Peter died because they.. well... they actually escaped home...

    Now my golfishes- Nah lol jk i'll stop
  • I've had 6 turtles and they all died ;-; (see they came like three turtles first and then they died and then three more came(and died as well))
    Turtle number 1- eaten by a lizard
    Turtle number 2- eaten by a cat
    Turtle number 3- (don't ask me how) managed to drown in a toilet and get flushed
    The rest followed in their tiny little footsteps
    Oh ya and a Indian redneck parrot(it's like green all over with a reddish orangish beak) just flew away. I rlly miss it cuz it used to make cat noises
    I still have 2 parrots rn
  • Day before yesterday my pet ant died, so I put it in a berry, so that it can live a very 'sweet afterlife'
    But ndplayz and me are brothers so yeah we have had the same pets. But what he forgot to mention was that we also had these tiny little Australian parrots. They are very social creatures and can't live alone. So one day a cat came and murdered one, so we returned the other one cuz it would likely die as well
    Also my pet cockroach died today.JK
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    never had a pet die yet..
    Well I have but I hardly remember it

    [edit] After reading late's comment I now remember having 2 fish (don't know what type)
    We had 6 altogether between me and my brother
    I think like 5 of them died of this fish disease
    and one of them committed suicide by swimming behind the water filter lol
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    I had my fighting fish die, and my goldfish, but those were close to a decade ago
  • aw, i have pet ants. ty for support
  • firewards said:

    aw, i have pet ants. ty for support

    Hope ur not mean white ant
  • Oh ya those little parrots. They weren't even there for a whole week T^T
    And also correction one didn't get eaten by a cat it was eventually probably eaten by a cat cuz it managed to escape it's cage
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