only 5 rare items each year + not responcive?

elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember
so i read the announcement, and i saw that the plan is that every year there will be max 5 of the super rare/rare items will be put in extra, i get that people will get angry if the items gets put in what makes the worth less (although i think all items should be available to everyone, and not just the wealthy) but with only 5 of them every time the worth wont be able to even go down a notch, there is even a chance that that will cause the items to rise even further because only the demand raises basically

also i noticed that kewberth wont be as much on forums anymore, but does that mean that basically everything we suggest will not be noticed anymore?


  • He said he will check from time to time but will not answer, accept the support tickets
  • AshiMagariAshiMagari The internet :PMember
    I'm hoping the time he previously put into the forums could be spent more in game. There are a lot of bugs and just general gameplay issues that should not still be happening, but the devs dont actually play, so they dont know there are problems. Hopefully some of those things will be addressed.
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
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    They went from one extreme to another without going through the middle. Literally skipped 90% of the "changes bar" and went to the result.
    A bad result, I must say.
    It only shows that they do in fact care more about the wealthy than the average/poor ones. Money... they're hungry for money... I could say more, but I do fear my forum account. They literally went 180* from north to south. Probably the worst change. From a future where 85% of the playerbase had a reason to play the game to what 50%?
    I bet you 10k, if it wasn't for the amazing prizes in the egg hunt, we would not have scored above 500 on weekends. Way fewer would have competed if it was only top 50 (as they said, 5 of each rare per year, which results, at most, in 50-60 places on the leaderboard. That is 4 times fewer than what we have now.
    We went from a **thriving** future to an uncertain one. From an utopia to a dystopia. From heaven to hell. You got what I'm talking about.
    Stricter rules, fewer prizes given away, the future looks grey. Really grey.

    They may attempt to work harder on the advertising part of the cubic, but working on it comes at a price... I am not a fan of such massive sudden changes, but let's hope that it'll end up well.
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
    PontoZen has lost millions because of this new "make rare items worth a ton less"
  • PontoZen has lost millions because of this new "make rare items worth a ton less"

    Who cares? No offense to Ponto ofc, but he risked it.
  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember

    PontoZen has lost millions because of this new "make rare items worth a ton less"

    like will said who cares? in real life you also have the chance in losing a lot of money with such trades, he knew it was a possibility it got lower and he risked it
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    Yeah, it's a game of risk. But of course that the devs do care in the end more about the rich than the average/poor. Again, no offense to ponto. He shouldnt be dragged into this. He is fine.
  • UU Member
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    PontoZen has lost millions because of this new "make rare items worth a ton less"

    Zen doesn’t care. He has more important things to focus on right now.
  • PontoZen has lost millions because of this new "make rare items worth a ton less"

    As all as i know Zen doesn't really care now what will happen to the prices. Cuz once he said me he can open anytime he wants and he even did not spend any amount of money Irl. So what if the prices will decrease? does it change the reality that PontoZen is one of the richest player at CC? Seems not right?

    As well as BillyBoo too! He got tons of krampus and halos and alot of super rares! Will it change the fact that once he was the richest player at this game? Not right!

    As for decreasing prices at CC it seems very useful too! Where new players and average players can buy something they can't afford. Like B umb! Once 200k to 40k! Balloon from 15 to 25k back to 5k and now back to 25k right?

    Prices at CC is unstable! Maybe that super rares like halos and rams can be decrease but they might increase again due on demand! So if it decrease players will buy and if it will increase, its means players wanted it. Devs will add those super rares to avoid inflation yes that is the point. But is the demand of the item is too high! So even Devs will give 5 more ramm kennels, Still its on demand cuz only few players have it! But at the mere future, after 3 years maybe (If there still Cubic Castles after 3 years) and they already added 15 more rams maybe The price and value will be decrease and still it will just priced to 500k or less (Depends on the public's choice if they will make it low price or not.)

    At the end of the time, the rules stated that we can make our own price right? We can even sell a black pants for 100c (I sold about 2 xD) or we can sell top hat for 1k! its our choice. Unless they will change the rulez and state that make our price at the max price only.
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