Quests Improvement

I think it would be useful to see how much progress is left for a quest. For example, you have a quest that is "Mine 32 Raw Iron" but you have already done a little bit of the quest. There isn't a way to see how much there is left to do. I think there should some text under it saying something like "19/32" or "13 Raw Iron Remaining".


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    I have the same issue and it is making me mad. Sometimes I even think: ' Hey, I should've mine 32 coal already!', but I can't actually see how much coal I mined.
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    It would indeed be very helpful to add something that shows your progress on a daily quest.
  • +1 -- Totally agree, this would be amazingly helpful!
  • Yes
  • +∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ I feel like the quest isnt working or it is glitched and it doesnt complete.
  • SarcoSarco Member
    The quest isnt glitched its just that it seems as if it is because it every single ore block not just ore material
  • ^^^I didnt say it was glitched i said i feel like it was glithec
  • +1 can't know hiw many u mined..
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