About holdable items that's not wands

So whether it was intensional or not no matter what you hold it will make sparkles when pressing the shoot button which I like but can you make the take this flower, nature staff, jester cane etc, follow your hand like the wand does. Because atm it just floats in the air with nothing holding it and its kinda awkward @SirKewberth


  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    I dont think that they have the time to create animations for each and every wand/umbrella/baloon that lacks one.
    It would be cool.
  • More animations, more time, less new things. -1
  • Um they don't have to creat a new animation they just use the one for the wands
  • Maybe only work for "Season Wands"
  • Lol they only needa make 1 animation which will fit for all items..OR JUST DO THE OBVIOUS THING......and make it that there is no shoot button with you hold a regular hand item....cmon,its so obvious..why devs..just why
  • I think they should focus on making the things we have more high quality rich idk
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