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So I am new enough to creating pixel art and normal art (not on CC tho) and I would like to hear honest opinions.

Random Pixel Arts

Random Arts

Art request rules

1. Describe your Qbee
2. Send a photo of your qbee (It helps me to look at it and before hand, have a rough idea of your qbee. I like to guess the appearance)
3. Request one at a time. After I finish your request, please do not request until a few days pass by (I will ignore it)
4. Nothing too complex, and no pets please! (its hard for me to draw a pet)
5. Do not be mad if it is delayed/canceled/of poor quality. I have given examples of my works, both pixel and normal arts.
6. I may stop requests as I see fit, and it isn't your choice.
7. Tell me if you want it as a: Small square, Big square, portrait, landscape, Big, etc.
8. Tell me if you want a normal art (probably worse than pixel arts) or pixel arts (probably the better of my arts)
9. I am going to add my name to my drawing, and the requesters name. This is to confirm I drew it, people probably will remove it anyways, but if you do remove it, please DO NOT spread it as your own art. (CC has a clean community, so I doubt this will happen)
10. If you can, rate my art :3!
11. I would like to ask you to not comment if you have nothing nice to say :)! Leave that in the PMs, where I can actually help you. And still, I will just probably ignore it.

Requested Arts

All Requesters
1. Azsimuth
2. sdgamez3
3. TomBoo


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