Pigs have built in signs for messages

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I feel like when we place the new gift pigs there should be a text box that pops up to put a message on so your gift pig receiver knows who gave it. For example, if I had a friend and they were offline on their birthday (and I don't have permission in their realm), yeah I could put a pig down but I wouldn't be able to say "Happy birthday! here's some cubits".

It would also help to know who it's from, because at the current state the pigs are in, if I put a pig down in someone's realm they wouldn't know who it's from. So I think we should either have a text pop-up (like a sign function on the pig) or at least a red text in the chat at the top that says something along the lines of: This [type of pig: bronze, silver, or gold] was placed by, [person who placed the pig]

Gift piggies should act like signs so we can leave messages along with cubits.

@SirKewberth @CosmicCow

Can we get the pigs as different colors when we buy them, maybe for bronze take 500c, silver 1000c, gold 2000c from the total cubits you get from the pig itself.


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