Lets give the Devs a Big Thank You for the Love Pack

I really like the new stuffs especially the details. I just feel like some of the wearables should be larger. Overall I really like the Pack and the Cubic Town Center <3

Thank You So Much Sir Kewb and the other Admins.



  • uwu thank you devs
  • Graceful ThunderGraceful Thunder Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    The Heart Blowers are my favorite thing <3
  • Alvin!Alvin! Member
    edited February 2019
    I only love the heart blower and kiss booty (deco)
    I love that new wand and romantic flower!
  • Thanks for another awesome pack! And such a reasonable price too! Appreciate all you are doing to keeping this a quality and fun game! I think the heart blowers are my fav too...though I've not seen everything yet.
  • I think Valentine's is kinda stupid to celebrate, as we should love our partner equally throughout the year, not extra on one day, but I do appreciate the kinds of things we got. I wish the panda hat was a little easier to get, but I love the pink wand thing, the crowns, the tiny animal crossing boi, and the heart blowers were beautiful too. I'm Wendy O. Koopa atm, and I love that backpack a lot.
  • I love the panda hat and heart blowers.
    I wish they were a bit more common.
  • nah this aren't a San Valentine's pack just a random pack with some Love Stuff.
  • I think everything in this pack was only designed by Mabz.
  • I love the heart blowers <3
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