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    Woah, that's awesome. Looking forward it!

    I actually haven't got any questions or suggestions in my mind for now.
  • I like the idea!
  • *Sees that you can create your own overworlds*........ YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BOOOOOOOOOOOOI!!!!
  • U said:

    Is there going to be set places for the Castles to be or is it going to be a separate block that you place?

    The way I think it will work right now is... there will be a special block that is a realm-spot block. As well there will be some mine blocks. So to place realm locations or mines you'll place those special blocks. Then for the realms you'll click on a deed and on the spot and it will create a realm spot/door at that location. Crowbar will pop the deed off, or turn the mine back into a mine-block. That's the current design anyway.

    Tomboo.. Kewb said it in his description box that some people may hate it or like it. It can change everything

  • Oh okie
    when this update will be released ?
  • It does not have a set release date, it is an idea in gestation and with the current marathon of holidays we can expect it to be some time before we see said update especially with how large it is. Kewberth is getting feed back and a feel to what we desire/reaction to the idea.
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    I know cavern mines are not hard to fine, their top always shows and they never spawn fully underground because they always have that distinct top. Yesterday Grace was helping a friend to find a cavern mine. I offered to help find one and within four mines I found one.Below is a picture. Sticks out like a sore thumb. In contrast I agree with Beachy that deep forests are difficult to find and I am glad they are going to be separate. It takes me an average of seven to fifteen mines as well to find a deep forest vs. the less than ten to find a cavern.

    Edit: Hope this helps! I accidentally tore part of it but it always a 3x3 patch with two lower 1x3 sides. They never blend in with the surrounding landscape to my knowledge. They look odd and out of place. Found it within two mines.

    I agree, cavern mines aren’t that hard to find unless you don’t search the mine carefully enough. Found it within 2 mines at the side of a small mountain.

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