Anguishire's Builds (2018)

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2018 has been a very successful year for me in terms if building.. worked on several fun projects and made friends with fellow builders :D. I decided to make a small list showing you guys, in my opinion, the best builds iv made this year ^^

My Farm

One of the most time consuming projects was by farm. Consists of 6 huge rings, all freehanded(meaning no circle generators were used), measuring 97 blocks in diameter. Each ring, when fully farmed, can yield around 3k berries ^^

My Shop

I actually started this one in late 2017 but finished It in January 2018.. rustic themed shop(yes that bottom section is all sculpt dirt), 44 vends, not much else to say ^^

My workshop

This one is still a work in progress.. inspired by Space_Fetus's workshop with a few of my touches ^^ not really sure what this theme Is called.. fantasy maybe :P

Ragean's Storage

Also one of the older builds, this storage(not used anymore, rip) was built for Ragean using sandstone and stone... central island surrounded by a ring.. coz why not :D

Sheppy_Deadly's storage

Built for Sheppy_Deadly, a bunch of random islands.. natural-fantasy theme ^^

And that's pretty much that! Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Thank you :D


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