The new textures lag..

CoolCat_123CoolCat_123 Member
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I think u too have the textures lag, is so bad, i dont like it, please cosmic cow do anything because ALL players have it, and it comes with the new update.


  • UU Member
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    I don’t lag, and my textures are fine. So no, all players don’t have it.
  • CoolCat_123CoolCat_123 Member
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    Ok, is fixed for android, but i have an iPad too, and in it i continue having the bad textures in the iPad :/
  • drakaydrakay Member
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    Well I have an iPad Pro 2018 and it doesn’t have texture lags or something
  • CoolCat_123CoolCat_123 Member
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    Quiza sea mi iPad, no se xd
  • Wade PrevossWade Prevoss Member
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    I use ipad mini, bought this 2012, an old model ofc. I dont see any texture lag so far.
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
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    Apple takes longer to roll out because it has to be approved. SO if you have an older apple device you may still have the issue.
  • CoolCat_123CoolCat_123 Member
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    Yes, i have an older, is that,i think is fixed, but thanks Sir Kewberth and i admire u and the other mods and admins
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    Not all players have texture bug tho. Just most of us :) well SirKewberth already working with the solution just wait.
  • CoolCat_123CoolCat_123 Member
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    I know :/
  • CoolCat_123CoolCat_123 Member
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    I continue having the lag, but is my stupid iPad XD
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