Death Wish



  • iitssaera?iitssaera? Member
    edited October 2018
    he did but started hurting people's feelings :c

    I wish for Sir Pixel to give me perm in his realm
  • He bought a 5 x 5 room and gave it to you.

    I wish I was famous
  • Turns out pudding isn't a thing!

    I wish for a peaceful future :D
  • turns out that peaceful future is in your grave

    I wish Pendragon gave me perm in Pen Yard's Rentals
  • You were given permission but you scammed an innocent but rich newbie player, ppl stopped coming to pens, you were reported and banned.
    I wish ghosts kill me before Halloween
  • But you were recreated and have to live forever with your own sad miserable self :(

    I wish this was deleted
  • the spell went wrong and you got deleted

    i wish for a mod to reply to this wish
  • That mod got injured and you were taken as guilty and finished in jail.

    I wish for some shooting stars :)
  • they were shot in your face

    I wish to be happy
  • You were happy... But died a quick and painless death...

    I wish for an Apple
  • Sarco said:

    You were happy... But died a quick and painless death...

    I wish for an Apple

    You got an apple infested with worms!

    I wish my Birthday is better next year
  • It is, but nobody goes to your party.

    I wish the person below me is not Sir. PIxel
  • ........ I dont know..... Maybe i'm Sir. Pixel...?
    Nah, i'm not him.... But because your wish must be bad, let's just say that he comes and kills you...

    I wish for a balck Cat ( In Game)
  • Black Cats give you bad luck, and you accidently being banned from the game.

    I wish I could have all my bullies disappear.
  • UU Member
    Your bullies disappear, but then everyone likes you so life is boring.

    I wish for a better profile picture
  • Your Profile Picture gets copied.

    I wish for someone to teach me the Basics of the Forums.
  • you die from boredom

    I wish I lived alone, ALL ALONE, by myself, with my own insanity
  • Your own insanity and nobody being around with you drove you to suicidal thoughts and you eventually miiPhone no killed yourself :3

    I wish for better building skills
  • For the rest of your life you can do nothing but build.

    I wish to be level 60.
  • The admins wonder why you suddenly became level 60 and banned you

    I wish the admins asked me to be a mod
  • you became mod but angry players impeached you

    I wish I won the Halloween building contest >.>
  • You win! But the devs want to spook you before giving the price.....sadly you got so spooked that your heart stopped beating...... :p

    I wish for an unlimited amount of crabs
  • You got unlimited crabs and they pinched you to Death

    I wish for unlimited wishes
  • All the wishes result in bad fortune. Nothing good comes out of the wishes

    I wish to find love.
  • sure you find love, but they are actually a vampire and suck all you're blood :p

    i wish for UV shades (in game)
  • you do but i blamed you for stealing mine :) BANNED ehhehe

    i wish for someone to GIVE me a halo
  • edited November 2018
    Someone gives you a halo by throwing it at you, slicing off your head and you die.

    I wish to die a quick and painless death.
  • BuckaroooBuckarooo Member
    edited November 2018
    Your family watches you die

    I wish for 900,000 kangaroos
  • they all hope on you the world and everything killing it all

    i wish for a editor for where you can try stuff on your qbee so that you know what you want and what you don't want
  • The editor malfunctions, making you try on a gazillion clothes and then suffocating you.

    I wish for a delicious homemade pie.
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