How Did You Find Cubic Castles?

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I sometimes look at people and wonder how they found CC. Well, if it isn't obvious already you can share how you found CC here, I'm really interested to see how people found the game :o

Back in August of 2017, I was searching through YouTube in the recommended section when I found a video about a timelapse on A tale of seven hearts part 1 by Joy Maccubic (AKA -Joystick-). I was struck by a sudden curiosity to see what it was. At first I thought that "A Tale Of Seven Hearts" was a separate game, but then I found out it wasn't. In the description I didn't know what perks, or who the heck was "space_fetus" After a bit of research I found out about Cubic Castles. In my mind all I thought was that I had to join, because, after seeing the pictures that popped up on Google, I wanted to build just like in the pictures. So I downloaded it on mobile and named myself "Sawatawanana", Sawa being my real life nickname and "tawanana" being a random tounge twister. By the time late September came, I was level 14 and had the most basic knowledge about the game. I quit and took a break then came back February 2018.

(Also, If anyone was curious this is the video that I found from Joy that introduced me to the game :P


  • 2016, ωαѕ α "тнє вℓσ¢кнєα∂ѕ" ρℓαуєя тιℓℓ =мgи= ѕтαят тσ ρℓαу мσяя σf ¢¢ ѕσ ι ∂є¢ι∂є тσ мσνє σи нєяє тσσ αи∂ иσω ιм ѕтιℓℓ нєяя
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    As any other person would, I wanted to play Minecraft, but I couldn't actually PAY for it, so I was looking for other ways of virtual building. In June of 2017, I came across Cubic Castles, and loved every second of it. I came into the game with so many ideas, and I was a fairly small level with a pretty cool realm. This is a photo with my pool taken out, so it actually looked better before. I had a shop selling tons of resources and clothes of every colour, with a rubber farm. I think I started the game out well, and here I am now :).
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    Not sure.
  • Same as berry, looked for a game similar to minecraft but could not afford at that time. Then, my friends told me something about a castle game similar to minecraft. Searched it and started playing.
  • My brother told me about it and we both named ourselves Epic (insert Irl names) but I made spelling mistakes in mine and took 2 accounts before I got the name right ...

    Then I made a million other alts non higher level than level 33 :P
  • I was looking in Steam for a free Minecraft, but without a survival mode. I looked through a lot of games, and found this one. I was unsure about it at first, since there were a lot of limitations, like the colors of the blocks, and the perspective (before I knew about defying Betamax). But once I came in, I loved it. And I've been here ever since.
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    irl friend told me about blockheads, found mgn, found cc.
  • In the middle of 2015, I was searching for online sandbox games in the app store and found it lol.
  • Steam free to play I think
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    I found it in the recommended section of google play back in mid augst 2015
  • I think on the middle of 2014, i used to play blockheads, and i had a lot of friends there but they stopped playing. So i asked a friend and he told me to go to cubic castles :v they all stopped playing on 2016 and i’m still here lol
    i’ve never seen them again though
  • I was looking for mine craft like games back in 2015 - found this - made an account called Chief,and ingotts_cudeagle but I had played mincraft on my friends phone and on this due to limited resources , I found myself limited and destroyed the idea... later, I saw it in recommended section of play store so downloaded again... I felt too much of a newbie - I worked for a lot of time and got 100c by the time rentals were introduced (if they were introduced before, idk)l I wanted a dog hard but after chatting in the lobby I heard it costs u 2000c I thought it is the most expensive thing in cc :P . I was wandering around then I jumped into a random realm in the overworld and they scammed me in a rental scam ‘dog for 100c’, I was depressed and left but this time I didn’t lose account, I used my alt to get back there and report but mods never noticed the report so i stopped playing again (I didn’t know about the support website) later I joined back when cars were introduced.. I mined and made a shop and earned 2000c and instead of buying a car I went to a guy who sold bottomless for 2k as it seemed to be a nice deal but then that guy scammed me too and changed bottomless to white cloudy... I wasn’t aware when he changed it... I reported to support but they said pens was a very crowded place so they couldn’t help me.... later I joined back after lots of time and then I reached where I am now... that’s my story bout cc
  • On 2014, I was looking for a Game to Play on my phone, aaaaand... That's It..... But I quit It after a while.
    2 years later, I rembered The Game and I reinstaled.... And now i'm here
  • The Death ReaperThe Death Reaper Behind youMember
    K-Zone 2016.
  • K-Zone 2016.

    K-Zone? Isn't that a educational channel here at PH?
  • You see sometimes people are broke and want som3 free games so i was searching free game section on steam and bam i found it
  • Glad I made you join this XD

    I found it 4 years ago, via Play Store when looking for Minecraft deritatives ^^
  • 2014, younger brother suggested.
  • 2016
    Serched online games on the app store
  • 2014~2015? i can't remember
    I was looking for free games on steam,i was poor 4th grade kiddo,and i wanted to play
    minecraft things,but i also poor at that time xD
  • I think I was searching the app store for open world mmo games that involved trading and found cc.
  • I searched Rpg Minecraft and then came across cc!
  • JackFury told me about it in 2014 but I didn't actually get it until 2015 because I had to wait to buy a new tablet. I'll leave this unfinished in case he wants to tell how he found the game
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    I don't remember every detail but in March 2016 was bored and I was looking for a free version of minecraft in the playstore (couldn't afford it) and I came across cubic. Looked at the pictures and I was already sold there.
  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    Found it last year on Steam in late June 2017. I am always looking for non-violent MMO games, as I cut my teeth on (and also Alpha and Beta tested) a few that are now shut down (been playing non-violent MMOs for about a decade).

    Wish I had found it sooner as I've been aimlessly playing other non-MMO games, but I had taken a hiatus from Steam from late 2014 (about the time CC was released) to early 2017. I found the game in June 2017 after I had reloaded Steam to my current gaming laptop in the Spring of 2017 as I missed a couple of old games that I had purchased. Searched around Steam a bit for new games, and found CC.

    Initially, thought it might also be defunct as most of the online documentation on Steam, the wiki, and their own website was quite a bit outdated. But I found the forums were still active, and it sounded like people were still playing the game so I gave it shot. Have been here ever since. Wish I hadn't lost touch with most of my friends from the other games as some would love the building aspects of this one.

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  • played blockheads found red, easy
  • djedodjedo Member
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    Ive searched for similar games like Wolf Quest.

    Funny thing is that thay are not similar at all

  • I was just randomly looking for games on the play store and found it. Thats it xd
  • I was an old blockheads player since 2013, I watched red’s videos and one day noticed he played cubic castles. 4th September 2016, day I will never forget ^^. I remember I was sick though xD
  • My brother found it on the app store randomly.
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