Guess What Item (Updated)

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This is quite simple, you describe an item best you can then the next person will take a guess at what it could be, if they get it correct you get 1 point.
They then get to describe an item of their choice, if someone guesses the description correctly put the corresponding number of points on that comment,
If I guess the item before anyone else the points reset, the goal is to reach the highest amount of points you can,
  1. This is purely for fun, no prizes unless the person describing chooses too,
  2. Don't be offensive in what you describe,
  3. make sure all the information about that particular item is correct.
  4. You only get ONE guess Every 24 hours. (Pretty obvious)
  5. No skipping descriptions (If you really don't know just take a guess)
  6. If you get a question wrong you don't get a point for that question,
    Quick Example:
    Describer: It has a Feather and is a very bright colour (+1)
    Guesser: Feather Hat? It has Fangs and enables Flight, (+2)
    Next Guesser: Sub-Vampire Head? It makes your body unseeable to the naked eye (Resets back to 0)
    Me: Ghost Costume?? ( it resets when someone gets it wrong)

    It keeps going until someone gets it wrong then the whole process starts again.
    I will describe firstly,
    The item has spikes and looks threatening..
    Edit: Needed to give more description (Iron Mask)


  • Sun crown?

    This item loves insects and storms.
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    Here's a suggestion, the different penalty could be that when someone gets the wrong answer it resets? And Spiderella? The Correct Guess was: Iron Mask
  • Here's a suggestion, the different penalty could be that when someone gets the wrong answer it resets? And Spiderella?

    You didn't describe so i'll will
    This item is like the Headphones but pink!
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
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    This block is misleading when you first see it. It is red and square. However it acts as a full block / it does not come already phantom foamed.
    Guess it right and you earned my respect.
    EDIT: Zerik guessed it wrong. It's boulder bringer.
  • Baelful Block

    This item has a long tongue!
  • Krampus

    this is the rarest wig and rarest color of it. (Not sure if it is the rarest color but its a rare wig)
  • TwiIightTwiIight Member
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    Brown magisteral wig?
    This item needs food and was once available...

    Edit: Nice!
  • ram

    it has hearts in the center
  • Ultra.Ultra. Member
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    Bump (Not allowed to guess)
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