How Did Your Qbee Get Its Name?



  • @Kiel@Kiel Member
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    My name in real life is Kiel and i was named Kielpplays before and then i was scammed and made other acc and i saw people using @ so i changed it to @Kiel
  • ValyreenaValyreena Member
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    So my name in cc was Lady irene. And evolved to Valyreena. How? If u look at the noun. Val"irena" it sounds like valyreena. So thats that. Also Valentines is my fav Season and event. I also like to watch ballerina dancing. S thats how my name came in c:
  • iKONICiKONIC Member
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    My previous names before were:
    :::Forever::: (My dark past name)
    Royale King (When I looked up to Kings and royalty)
    *Captain Kidd* (Pirates and Persona 5)

    And my present name, iKONIC.
    How I got this name was actually pretty simple. I looked up to iKON since 2014, a Korean Pop Boy Group created by YG ENTERTAINMENT. Yes, I'm Kpop trash if you didn't know. iKON's fanbase na!e was iKONIC, and since I was a big fan of iKON, I decided to call myself iKONIC.
    That's all.
  • ZerikZerik Member
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    My name came from stealing an name by a guy named "KIREZ" , I took it and read by back and here came Zerik :3
  • HeartRateHeartRate Member
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    I might change my name later in the future :P
    But for now...
    I love Heart Shapes that's why I name myself HeartRate
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    I got mine by just thinking about it >:D
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    Sooooo... Jabrio Came to existence by mixing my real name, and mario, from Mario Bros
    Originaly it was Jabrio64, buuut, i think that it wasnt cool enough, so i changed it to +_+King_Jabrio+_+....... yee
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    ahmad ia my irl name 09 came from my old accounts name xxkiller09xx I chose 09 on my old account bc 9 is de day I was born and 0 is bcz Id remember
  • Rogue ThingRogue Thing Member
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    Well, my username is based off of a Rogue person (Someone who does not take sides) and Thing. (A nickname I call my dog)
  • Lelgo123Lelgo123 Member
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    My name.... Oh boi this is gonna be a bit long.
    I got my name from playing legos when i was a kid and my first name started with an l so i decided to make Lelgo and it was cool and i used it on many sites such as this shut down game called Club Penguin, on Steam , as my fav plushies name, etc. Sooner when i became older i started getting bored of my name then i was going to give it a little bit of pizzaz so i was trying to thing of some kind of number to put in my name. This is when my siste suggested xXLelgoXx and i chose that on my name . Sooner the name started getting more cringey so i decided for its final change, Lelgo123. The 123 i added cuz its a bkt cute and i like cute. And thats it :D
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    My name was noahiscool bc my name irl is Noah and I am cool. Then I changed it to sir NoahIsCool then dr NoahIsCool and a bunch of other versions of NoahIsCool till I reached Captain NoahIsCool. Then someone called me Captain noahisgay and it was kinda funny so I pretended I was offended and changed my name to Captain noah
  • gameringboygameringboy Member
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    well I always wanted for my name to stick out well nothing like me you could say
  • QbirdQbird Member
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    I have no idea what happened when I used that name tag.
  • Cub the CubicCub the Cubic Member
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    I got my name when it alliterates.
    So for example you got Lilly the Lion.
    My name was Cub the Cubic since it alliterates with Cubic and the game has Cubic on it.
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    There is an old retro game i loved! Its name was: Captain Claw. Since then Im in love with the ferocious pirate captain Claw!
  • RisnormanyRisnormany Member
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    Normany, is combination of my name irl :3
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    My name was Flookey before,now its Flooks. Simple!
    Oh god did I just brought up an old discussion
  • IsaacDarkLionIsaacDarkLion Member
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    well my name is Isaac my first pet was a dog named dark and lion is my favorite animal.
  • IsaacDarkLionIsaacDarkLion Member
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    so yeah
  • TyndaleTyndale Member
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    My brother, JackFury, made me an account named "GoldBlocker." I kept that name for 3 years, wanting to get a Nametag (Truth be told, I actually kind of liked that name, but people kept asking me why my realm wasn't made of Gold Blocks, and almost everyone confused me with Goldbuster), and so I recently got a Nametag and changed to simply, 'Gold' because that's what most people called me anyway.
  • Log_erLog_er FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    In a YouTube video there was this company in a game called the log fellas so I made my user name Log_er. The er is someone who does something. For example, a teacher teaches. I owned a resources shop :p . Yeah Log_er
  • CreepuBCreepuB Member
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    My qbee got its name because i typed in the username when i used the nametag
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    Well not much about my name... I am the chief of the tribe of 12 humans. . My imagination
  • SawatawananaSawatawanana Member
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    I have a small story behind my name, for anyone that is curious.

    I remember when I was in 3rd grade I came to school the day I was having a test, and during the test a friend of mine was sitting beside me and they said "Sawa, can I borrow a pencil?" I asked them who this "Sawa" was, and they said it was "Sa" from my first name and "Wa", from my last name. At first I was really uncomfortable with this name since is sounded really weird, but I got used to it. Last year when I joined I wanted to use that nickname but it would sound weird on its own so I added "tawanana"

    BOOM Sawatawanana was born :>
  • NomsterNomster Member
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    Roblox's Get Eaten Sound Effect (Nom Nom Nom)
  • SarcoSarco Member
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    I got mine from Ark: Survival Evolved as there is a prehistoric crocodile in the game called Sarcosuchus. All my other account names are me not being bothered to buy a name tag and just cuz they sound appealing. :P
  • UU Member
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    I’m uncreative and U (Or V for my Ingame account) is short and simple.
  • Wade PrevossWade Prevoss Member
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    Will took time cuz i changed alot of timea,
    Talking about Bedivere, got em from mah sxhool, my eng teacher is telling a story, suddenly i heard this name and interests me xD so yeh... glad that this name is available
  • Senza FineSenza Fine Member
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    (This is my second name ever, first name was XD 9700 POTATOES)
    This name was created by fusing the words "ectoplasm" and "yam".
    Reasons: i liek ghost and wanted to keep the potato tradition, but with a new twist.
  • PartyParty Member
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    I like parties
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