Cussing Reports??

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Well, a player reported a cussing report. LateCom was mini-moding and said it must be taken down immediately. It could be bad for the children or something dumb like that. Anyways. Heres what I think

  • Have a cussing report category
  • Dont worry about the children. The world is already bad. Plus, they are the ones cussing.
  • When reporting a person cussing on fourms, make it to where you must have a spoiler showing the picture. So people have the choice of seeing it.


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    lucaaa795 said:

    Or hey, maybe they could use the discord server since the category is named "SCAM reports"
    Or they could PM a mod instead.
    The world is already grim enough, lets try to keep it pink here

    Lucaaa got it. Even if "the world is already bad", they need to keep the forums content appropriate for a younger audience.
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    This whole thread is priceless. I'm dying right now.
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    We already have methods for reporting swearing.

    PM a mod
    Post in the community discord

    We don't want those images being shown on these forums as young people do use these forums.

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