Vending Machine Bug

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So, I put Spiderbrellas in Vends, 10k Each, Overnight.
I'm 100% Certiant they were glassed properly as i'm not stupid enough to leave 30k k outside a vend.
I wake up, boom, they are 'sold' but with 0c in the vending machine, only me and my best ate have perm there and this is confusing me as to why it happened.
I've also heard of alot of Vending Machine bugs recently, have any of you experienced the same?


  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    I had a similar thing but it was just with some dehydrated cubes. I put them in a vend and the next day they were gone but no cubits in the vend. I know I glassed them because I'm paranoid about forgetting and always double check. I didn't worry about it myself thought because it was just some dehydrated cubes and not worth much. I'm only posting this to say that it has happened to me as well.
  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer Member
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    Contact Support?
  • The Death ReaperThe Death Reaper Behind youMember
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    Took the cubits with the item?
    No? Okay.
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    i've also had this and nobody but me has perms in the shop currently... only on 1 or 2 minor items.
  • QuackersQuackers Member
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    IT happened to me before, was only 3k though. Didn’t think much of it
  • Rogue ThingRogue Thing Member
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    Maybe just have chest nearby where every night you can "lock up" shop.
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