This is a cool bug!

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Thanks Pix for recording this!

So basically i found this bug while talking to Space, you get in your car, dive into the water and we both know the only way to leave is to relog/tp to yourself, so tp to yourself and make the player in the same room with you relog, once he comes back (just like Pix did) he will see you in the car but you will be outside! (As you can see i’m outside dropping cookies)
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    Didn't encounter this bug yet, but as it seems with this new update, a lot of car bugs came along... as well as some texture bugs and glitches. Hopefully they will soon fix them.
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    Captain Claw we are talking about the same devs right :P.
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    Also, if you tp while in ur car, someone tries to use the gather bumper at you, it'll only gather the car. Not you.
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