Miner Is Me!

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Hello People!

I Can Help You Mine Resources/Ores!
But I Limit The Order To Be Only Maximum Up To 3k Of One Specific Item,
And Only 3 Types Of Resources/Ores, To Prevent Hogging Up The List.
Paying Extra Will Lead You To Jump Queue.

I Am Mining:
Palm Trunk 7/c
Sand 10/c
Stone 7/c
Coal 8/c
Iron 7/c
Oil 7/c
Silver 5/c
Gold 3/c
Black Marble 2/3c
White Marble 1c
Blue Marble 3/2c
Pine Trunk 7/c
Tree Trunk 7/c
Dirt 10/c
Grass 10/c
Water 9/c

Current Orders To Complete:
1000 black marble (_LumTop81_) [Pay Extra]
1000 black marble (Kirodachi)
3000 Gold (MeHawk)
3000 Stone (MeHawk)
3000 Oil (MeHawk)
3000 Oil(APPU)
3000 Gold(APPU)
3000 Stone(APPU)


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