Something Weird In clouds

DoubleKDoubleK Member
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I found this floating around not only in my realm but in a friends realm and i only see it in the corners and it floats by.

Does anyone know what this is i have more screen shots.


  • UU Member
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    Most likely a texture bug, I think @lucaaa795 knows how to fix them?
  • DoubleKDoubleK Member
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    it happens in every room and every realm i go into and none of my friends can see it but me
    and it floats around from each corner to the next corner
  • 'Sir.Fox''Sir.Fox' Member
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    Maybe you changed a texture? Just guessing
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
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    Did you always have this bug? I would suggest reinstalling the game if it carries on
  • edited March 2018 10.65 Karma
    Maybe your game needs an update. If not, contact support, just ignore it OR re install the game (like joystick suggested) AND if it happened after an update, you probably do need to update the game again
  • @Kiel@Kiel Member
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    I think my Friend experienced it too when I wa s showcasing my collection
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