Honey's Valentine Suggestions =) (Gonna be closed once a brand new one is done))

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1st idea!
Beefsteak with fork(Holdable)(Look at Honey Bomb hand)
Cotton candy bouquet(Holdable)(Look at the suit jacket man hand beside Honey Bomb)

Butterfly (can be placed on wall , floor)(added)


1:Lovely Fence
2:Kissy Bench(added)
3:LovelyHotAirBallon(Only get from valentine pack)(Realm Stamp)
4:Macaron On Plate

6:Lovely FireCracker
7:Wedding Dress(kinda added i think)
8:Flower Baskets
10:Champagne Tower(No Alcohol)

Etc I Didn't Draw

1:Fancy Candles:

2:Roses Environment(Falling Petals)
3:Ceiling flowers(5blocks long 7blocks higher)
Type 1:

Step to place:
Step1:Place first block:

Step2:Place second block at first block opposite:

Step3:Look at these blocks edge it is the key!

Step4:Magic!The ceiling connected those blocks! *^^* :

Last Step:Imagine Ceiling flowers can down 7scales :D :

Type 2:

5:Colored Roses(Possible get 5 roses from each valentine pack.You get white only,if you want colored use dye)(Can be placed on floor, wall)

6:Valentine Cushion:

7:Valentine Chocolates (But On Plate)

8:Valentine Umbrella!(Added!)

9:Valenmobile!(No Available on pack)(Can make heart shapes gasoline when u drive)Added ! But no gasoline c;
10:Heart Chest
11:Cupid dolls
12:Valentine Letters(Can mail to someone or read it(consume))
13:Chocolate/Strawberry fountain!

14:Emotional Marshmallow:


16:Rose wand:when shot once a rose will explosive then run out so many pieces!(Non using battery)
17:Pink Clouds Environment
18:Androgynous ice cream bouquet(Holdable)

19:Valentine workbench
20:Dove pet nest

21:Umbrella with Rainy cloud (Sad Valentine)

Within my valentine :)


@CosmicCow @SirKewberth



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