Qbee Animations.

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So... I've been thinking that, what if you can dance in Cubic Castles.
It would be fun right? Dabbing here and Dabbing there.
I would like to suggest to add in Qbee Animation for a little fun! For entertainment Purposes of course.
Will it be possible though?
Here are some examples of Animations.
-Arm wave
-Fabulous walk
-Play Dead
-Love me
-Different dances
-Facepalm (Suggested by =Kitten=)

Basically those.
As for the price... 500 recubes? I want the Animations to be available to everyone!


  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
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    maybe it could be a perk like emo?
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    Too much programming
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
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    Too much programming

    actually, i think this is relatively easy to program, the hard part, is to animate the qbees
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    That's what I meant
  • RarixRarix Member
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    This discussuon was discussed before with another discussion.

    As i remember, if i am not wrong, kew/cos said they are gonna do it next year or when they are ready for it. Or whatever...

    l hope those will come. +1
  • TwilightZoneTwilightZone Member
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    Another good one would be Facepalm!! XD
  • akhm, First point: the animation sequence it self, Second: code it into the game and for use. Animating it is not that easy as everyone can think really, coding is maybe a little easier cause just adding a function for it or something, but why waste time on something not that much needed, its better to get the time to make something that is important, but i am neutral to this.
  • *Zoddy**Zoddy* Member
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    Probably too hard to programme and a waste of time in my opinion.
  • QbirdQbird Member
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    Useless ?
  • TwilightZoneTwilightZone Member
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    People have different opinions when it comes to stuff like this. I honestly think it’s a great idea. It may be hard to do and it may be a year or two before they do something like this but when they do just know I’ll be the crazy person in the lobby trying out the new moves and fp the scammers. XD
  • UU Member
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    =Kitten= said:

    Another good one would be Facepalm!! XD

    If there was a Facepalm.. I would of used it 9,999,999 times by now.
  • TwilightZoneTwilightZone Member
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    Hahahahahs YASSS!!!!!!
  • canitbedonecanitbedone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
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    Qbird said:

    Useless ?

    Like emo? Not really, but would be cool to have.
  • iKONICiKONIC Member
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    I respect all of your opinions, but please do respect mine as well. (Just saying.)
    These animations seems like a waste of time. But Honestly, I think animations would be for better communication. It's also for entertainment purposes. Plus, you can even build a dance floor!
    It's fun to dance with your friends right? Especially now that we have music.

    (I have no idea what I just wrote lmao. But this is what I think animations purpose is. To enjoy Cubic Castles to the fullest.)

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