The Bomb Game, facts and tips!

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DISCLAIMER: This history of the bomb game is only known by my own experience, it might be incomplete or sometimes wrong. But the origin and the old name is totally correct because it is part of my experience.


This is the history of the Bomb Game!(ew that name ew)

In the early 2016s, a game called Qbee and Pulse (Qbee and Pulse is the old name and it is the one that should be used forever) was created by Teardrop. This consists of a small arena and a 3x1 platform in the center. Before, the members like me played the game. And some other time he let the other non-clan members play it too. Not to brag though, the clan members like me, are the first ones to test this game, I'm the third or second one to get a streak, with Juicy and some other dudes.

The Game has 2 Stages

First Stage: The Host Scatters bombs around the arena. This is done to lessen the count of players in the second stage. Only Qbee Bombs are used here.

Second Stage: The Host lets the players step on the 3x1 platform. The last standing wins. This time, Pulse Bombs are used. If you move during a pulse bomb explosion, you lose and is required to suicide or get a ban.

After some days, a non-member tried to host the game himself. But he has less information. So he called it bomb game.

HEY! Wanna learn how to host a Qbee and Pulse game effectively? Get these tips from me!

1. In the first stage, scatter bombs in one place. Then after 1 second scatter that bomb in opposite direction, this will test the player's reaction time.

2. Do not waste too much bombs in the first stage. Only use a few but put them in the most effective places.

3. Do not use an arena too big, the players will have too much space to evade. Don't use a too small one either, because it's very hard.

4. In the second stage, do not place a bomb when the players gather again after a previous bomb. Some players going halfway to the platform will dodge again.

5. If the players are too hard to bomb, here's some tips:

5a. Minimise the platform to 1x1.
5b. I have this tactic, where I put a hole under the platform, then place the bomb in it. XD

6. Ask the players to turn off jump man and speed demon. This is to ensure all the players are fair and just.

7. Have fun!

Okay, so you learned the history of Bomb Game (Qbee and pulse :3) and learned some tips, which I think might help you!
Have fun bombing and dodging!

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  1. Did these tips of mine made your game more effective and fun?19 votes
    1. Uhhh, maybe. Sometimes I guess.
    2. Totally not. ;-;
    3. Really, yes! It helped me a lot.
  2. Which do you think is a better name, the old name called Qbee and Pulse? Or the Bomb Game.19 votes
    1. BOMB GAMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
    2. Oh, Qbee and Pulse.


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    This is a great guide for people who don't entirely understand this game. I remember when this was created and I feel so special to be the first person along with some other fellow clan mates to play this, TearDrop you have created a very fun game. Thanks. ツ
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    Teardrop invented the bomb game... mind. Blown.
    Though I do wish he hadn't, as it is now being used to scam :/ evil people took his pure, innocent idea to make cubits D:

    But super fun game if done right (free owo)
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    Misticall said:

    Teardrop invented the bomb game... mind. Blown.
    Though I do wish he hadn't, as it is now being used to scam :/ evil people took his pure, innocent idea to make cubits D:

    But super fun game if done right (free owo)

    Yeah, it was supposed to be used only for clan games and giveaways, but sadly the lads and lasses took the game to the Underworld and used it for profit/ scamming purpose...

    And now we rarely do it because Tear's rarely online...
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    Hmm, this is silent. '-'
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    BUMP? >_>
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    These are some pictures of the First Qbee & Pulse/Bomb Game Arena. It is now 1-2 years old.

    If you don't believe me, Radio4 shows a picture of a Guestbook Bumper that was placed when it was added to the game in that Room.

    Only HPA Members know the password to the room though.....and we can't say it to others.

    IF you think I used the guestbook bumper from another realm 1 year ago, I'll tell you the password and let you see it for yourself.
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    Radio2.png 1002.1K
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