ask/dare kubes!!



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    Uhh what's your favorite Pokémon?
  • krazykubeskrazykubes Member
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    Hinter said:

    Question: What would your robot pet look like? Would it have a mantu?

    i had a lot of fun drawing this one!! kubes is a huge fan of ya, hinter!!
    it's a little sad you haven't been active since last year though, i do hope you get to see this ;w;

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  • krazykubeskrazykubes Member
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    Piratax10 said:

    hey matey krazykubes!
    I dare you to walk the PLANK! Yahar! har! har!

    this one was a TON of fun to draw

    plank1.png 656.9K
    plank2.png 949.3K
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