Helpful Pirate Society Clan Announcement! Lucie is Stuck Offline :(

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Ahoy HPS Crew! I'm having crashiness w CC and can't log in :/ So Pika is in charge for now, until i get back online. Priority Missions are gathering Red Flowers, Coral, and Trunks, Especially Dead Trees. We are almost done with the Palace of Atlantis in Oceania BattleFront, so the next stage is Ship Building, hence the need for much wood-gathering! Also we will need regular grass for string/rope for rope ladders, so ye can work on that, too!
-Pink Coral - For Castle n Sea Bottom n Reefs -REWARD: 1/3c
-Oil, Red Flowers & Dead Trees -for Fadey/Phantom Foam- REWARD: 100/20c
-All Trunks -for Ship Building REWARD: 100/10c
-Grass 100/5c; String 100/20c; Rope 1/1c- for Ship Building

PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS: See my Minion Queens, GalacticPikachu or Marie32709 to join up in my absence :)


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    awww... ty pickles, if yer commiseratin'. if yer bein' sarcastic.... SMACK!!!! LOL. have lost a wee bit o' me usual sense o' humor n good-naturedness... i guess support is closed today. haven't even gotten usual confirmation email after submittin' me ticket. :/
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