I can't enter Any Realms DX-FIXED- PLEASE CLOSE

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i can be on overworld just fine. i can't jump into any of my realm DX. i get the "requesting connection" screen forever until i close CC. :'( I'm playing on windoze 10 pc, latest update...
edit: couldn't get into mines or lobby either
edit: Sigh. i guess this is the universe telling me to study n do my homework, instead of playing hooky on CC? >.<


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    ya pretty sure it's update related... i just feel badly because it's our bi-weekly pvp contest today n imma hafta cancel... but i can't let my co-conspirat- um captains, know... >.< Eag? can ye look up folks in me village n pass the word to GalacticPikachu to pass on to folks? would be greatly appreciated...
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