How to Fix Cubic Castle Broken Resolution

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Hello :D what a nice day hehe xD
A few times ago, I got this problem which make me cant play Cubic Castle normally, which the problem is Broken Resolution. Have you ever try to configure your game option but you dont even know what did you do? well we are same xD
I'm changing the resolution of Cubic Castle and the screen screw up lol '-' but actually I'm good at tech so I know how to fix it xD

For some people who dont know how to fix it, here's.. I will tell you how to fix that. If you follow my step correctly, I'll make sure your problem will be fixed.

1. Open File Explorer, and go to ''Program Files'' Folder on Drive C:/
2. at ''Program Files'' folder, search a folder called ''Cubic Castle'' and open it.
3. You will saw these stuff if you do step above correctly
Cubic Castle Tutorial - Screen Resolution
4. Now,after you saw those stuff above, click on ''Sandbox'' Folder and click ''setting'' (open with notepad)
5. Change ''Graphic.Fullscreen'' from 'false' into 'true'
If its already 'true', change it to 'false', close the file,open it back,and change it into 'true'

Like this =
Cubic Castle Tutorial - Screen Resolution

If it worked, leave a comment that it worked to you! If you have any question,ask below.
Thank you ^^
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