Uhm, what should I do?

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First of all, I don't even know if this has something to do with the game or if this is even the right topic, but well, here we go.
I'm a mobile player and Tapjoy offers are a big part of my gameplay since I got most of my cubits there, I always did surveys and such, but from now, I've been facing some problems and maybe other Tapjoy users might help me, so here are my problems:

-When I try surveys I always appear on a page saying that there are no surveys availabe, should i wait or do something else?

-I'm having problems with an specific survey, I never get the cubits on the first try so I always use the help page, but when I click on the "Choose offer" tab the specific survey page never appears as an option (it might be caused by the fact that there are no surveys available so I completed none but I'm not sure).

Hope someone can help me... (Feel free to ask me for more details if necessary)


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    Tapjoy is completely unreliable imo. When it does give cubits it gives a lot, but other times, I complete entire offers and don't get anything... the help page doesn't do anything either.
    The most reliable offers aren't in the In-App options, they're the ones in the website version. To get there, go to the in-cc Tapjoy offers and there should be a red banner at the top saying "Extra Rewards". in the website version there are "download and run" offers. just download the game and run it for about 30 seconds and then get your c. but there are also "download and then get to a certain level/tutorial/accomplishment".. they always say something like "play the tutorial of clash of kings for 3038 cubits now!" they don't work XD
    hope this helps :3
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    There's actually a red banner but instead of extra rewards it just says get cubits with no link attached :(
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