Mac OS X Version Update?

CharmBerryXOCharmBerryXO Member
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Is it just my laptop or is the OS X version currently not out yet? Just asking because all the other versions are updated. When I go to download it on the website, it just downloads the previous version.


  • Cubic MomCubic Mom Retired Moderator
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    Mac is always released 2 or 3 days later. I know because I used to play on Mac and always had this issue. Don't worry, it will be here soon, it's hard to wait though :)
  • CosmicCowCosmicCow Game Developer
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    It's now available for download... I use Mac all the time, so usually it's quicker than 2-3 days :)
  • CharmBerryXOCharmBerryXO Member
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    :) thx
  • CosmicCowCosmicCow Game Developer
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    We updated this again to run on Mavericks and Yosemite
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