The Person Below me

PEgaming said:

Let’s play some “The Person Below Me!”

So how it works is that you falsify the statement of the person about you, and you make your own statement.

Don’t get it? Here’s an example!

Me: TPBM (The person below me) is poor.

BillyBoo: False u skrub im rich and so much better than u omg g3t r3kt skrub get lost peasant u have to work for cubits while i steal my parent’s credit card and buy cubits even though im 46 cuz i fail at lyfe.

TPBM is ugly

John Cena: U w0t m8 I’m handsome

TPBM is nice

Horus: False, I’m not nice. I’m extremely nice.

TPBM is part of the illuminati.

Get it? Now let’s get started! Forum rules apply to this game too, so 1 post every 24 hours.

TPBM owns a cat



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