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What is it?

Our current cubic castles video trailer is pretty old and doesn't show a lot of the game as it is today. It was suggested on the forums that we turn this into a contest and let players create and enter their own Cubic Castles trailers.

So, in this contest you can use your video editing skills to create a cool new trailer for Cubic Castles. And if you don't have any video editing skills well.. here's a chance to enter a contest and learn something new! This trailer can be anything you want. It can be a standard trailer that shows different parts of the game, or it can be artistic. But, it should accurately reflect the game, and not trick people into thinking the game has features it doesn't.

If you enter the contest, you are agreeing to let us use your trailer to promote the game if we choose to.

Length - 30 seconds - 2.5 minutes (a little flexibility here... good guidelines though)

Prize - 1 Million Cubits! (Honorable mention 2nd place 500k cubits, and 3rd place 250k cubits)

Entries - You can enter more than one trailer if you like. Max 3 entries per player/team. If you're on a team and you enter a solo one that still counts as 2 entries for everyone on the team.

Teams - It's ok for a team of players to work on a trailer together but you'll have to assign a leader and they will split the prize if you win.

Judging - We will find people who've never heard of cubic castles and show them each trailer that is entered. The potential new players will then rate the trailer based on how interested it makes them to download and play the actual game.

Deadline - Your new trailer should be completed before Sept 30th.

Submit all of your entries here -

Update 1 - Many people have asked about music and what they can use in the game trailer. You can use any music you have permission to use. If you use copyrighted music we won't be able to use your trailer in the contest. It may even be removed before we can judge it, if you put it on a site like youtube etc... So you couldn't, for instance, just stick a coldplay song on the trailer.


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    Music update...

    A lot of people have been asking what music they can use and if I have any to share. I will post the music used in our own trailer shortly. In the meantime though I suggest having a look here at the free section. There's plenty of music to choose from and all you need to do to use it is give them a credit if the video is on youtube.

    Please note there are 2 sections.. The free music section is separate from the section where you have to pay for a license.
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    And here's the song from our original trailer. You can also use this one in your own trailer submissions...
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