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Search "kikivin's shop" in the in-game lobby to see what I'm selling!:

List of what I'm buying:
Spoiler: Buying

A good way to earn cubits!

-Common items like hats, wands, shirts, pants

-Raffle Token: 1c

-Red Dehydrated Cube: 7c

-Purple Dehydrated Cube: 20c

-Blue Dehydrated Cube: 175c

-Green Dehydrated Cube: 680c

-Top Hat / Beany / Tutu / Cowl: 8c

-Ruby: 20c

-Wings (any): 55c

-Mute Bumper: 300c

-Vending Machine: 420c

-Rental Bumper (any): 275c

-Music Block (any): 340c

-Prize Dispenser: 500c

-Mannequin: 380c

-Gather Bumper: 1600c

-Tip Piggy: 220c

-Mailbox: 1100c

-Warp Food Bumper (any): 350c

-"Noob Hats" (except Top Hat, Beany and Cowl): 35c

-No Littering Block: 1100c

-Cat Pet lvl 0: 2130c / lvl 49: 12200c

-Dog Pet lvl 0: 2200c / lvl 49 12500c

-Info Bumper: 400c

-Guestbook: 275c

-Halloween Mask (any): ?????

-Christmas Clothes (any): 65c

-Dorkmobile: 2130c

-Nuke: 390c

I'm also buying Rares Items / Hats / Wands / Wings / Stamps / Miscellaneous Items / Pets / Cars.


03/03/2019: Restocked!


Wanna buy something? Come to my shop, just search: "kikivin's shop" (there's vending machines).
Need to sell something but I'm not here? Just send me a mail via my mail box or post a comment here!
Warning: some items can be out of stocks.


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