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007Awesome007007Awesome007 Member
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Realm: Ready to Shop


  • Rainbow Shield Sunglasses - 8000c
  • Steel Wings - 1000c
  • Dragon wings - 9000c

In vends in the realm "Ready to Shop", or just add me in-game.


  • OrigamibotOrigamibot Member
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    I'll see what I can do :)
  • RootbeerrRootbeerr Member
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    I can make a ton of tons of tons for black dye for u. Add me and we'll meet in game! :)
  • 007Awesome007007Awesome007 Member
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    BUMP, added all my items for sale in the image
  • ChocoMaleChocoMale Member
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    Buy all Valkyrie helm 100c each!!
  • 007Awesome007007Awesome007 Member
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    -- Bump --

    Added items. All offers considered, not all accepted.
  • 007Awesome007007Awesome007 Member
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    -- Bump --

    Selling a couple of the new items. Possibly the cheapest listed price at the moment.

    Realm: Ready to Shop
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